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Chapter 104

George emotion is going haywire the excitement of seeing her again is too much for his weak heart to handle . *Thump-thump-thump-thump!* he feels like he's running in a marathon .

The turns of the event are unbelievable . George doesn't normally socialize with his subordinates . He treats each and everyone equal — a co-worker and acquaintance, nothing more .

Today is the first time he had joined them after being teased on a daily basis how his too stuck-up and arrogant as a boss, which of course is not true .

Male co-workers love it that he's that way, whereas the single women in his department were all disappointed . Wanting to get his attention since the day he started working for Tan Corporation a year ago .

"Wow! this is unbelievable for sure . I still can's believe that I would ran-in to you here at Tan Corporations of all places . " George excitedly talking to Ann .

"I know right! Of all places, we had to become a co-worker . " Ann replied nonchalantly .

"Co-Worker? What do you mean? Are you also with the company now? Wow! It's unexpected . " Trying to sound happy in his voice .

George is now very curious . 'He has not heard anything about new hires . The last Memo from the higher up was about the Interim CEO, could it be her? ' His face now turn gloomy of the thought .

The day Ann became the Interim CEO, George was out on a Business trip and just returned . He was not present when Ann arrived that Morning .

" So! which department you're working? " Wanting to find out if his hunch is correct .

"I'm up there!" Ann pointed her finger toward the higher floor .

" Ah . . . I see! So! Are you the new Interim CEO? " George is now feeling disappointed, and sadness is showing in his handsome face .

" Congratulation! CEO Wen! If there's anything, my little department can do for you, please! don't hesitate to contact me anytime . " George was trying to be cheerful .

" Stop it! Ok! I know we are subordinate and superion here inside Tan Corporation, but we are still a friend after office hour . So, don't give me that attitude alright! I already have enough on my plate right now . " Ann was trying to ease the strains atmosphere .

" If you say so!" George then started paying attention to the food in front of him, while making small talk the best he can .

Ann occasionally would take a look at George . She can feel the sadness her old friend is in and wanted to cheer him up . "How about you come up to the twelve-floors after lunch, and I'll give you the tour of my vast Empire . " She said jokingly .

George Hao look up to Ann beautiful face and slightly nods head with an agreement; " Sure!"

Lea finally realizes that there's another person that joined them at the table . She stopped what she was doing and looked up only to see a very familiar handsome face . 'George Hao' Tall and handsome with a beautiful straight white tooth currently showing while smiling at her .

" Well, hello! when did you get here? " Lea asking curiously .

" Lea Kuan, how are you! It had been several years since we last ran-in to each other . " George was trying to make a small talk to ease his nervousness .

" Ya! It had been several years . When was the last time we saw you? Ah! The day after your graduation party . You stopped by at the Town House to see Ann, and;"

George interrupted Lea for what she's about to say in front of Ann . " Yes! That's right! I stopped by to say my goodbye, but Ann was not home . I know I was a little drunk that day and blurt out some words . I hope you did not take it seriously . " Looking at Lea with pleading eyes almost in tears .

" I got you!" Lea quickly replies and nods to George . " You guys excuse me for a minute, need to do personal in the ladies room . " Hurriedly got up and went to the direction of the restroom, while texting Ronald: [ RED ALERT! RED ALERT!, An unknown species landed in Earth and about to create havoc in the life our Superior's . Immediate action requires . RED ALERT! RED ALERT!] Then hit send .


Busan Korea:

Jeff and Ronald are on the top of the Deck on the new ship getting build for Mega Line America Ltd . One of the subsidiaries of Mega International Group .

There's an issue about the material being used to build the ship . The reasonable cost of the Steel skyrocketed, and the suppliers don't want to negotiate to keep the contracted price . In which it cost for the Shipyard to stop building temporarily .

Ronald was standing by the railing on the Deck of the ship . He was happily texting back in forth with Lea when a text pop up; [ RED ALERT! RED ALERT!, An unknown species landed in Earth and about to create havoc in the life our Superior's . Immediate action requires . RED ALERT! RED ALERT!] All in red colors .

Ronald stared at the message for a minute, trying to decipher what it meant . 'Unknown species landed?' The species creating havoc? Superior? Whoa!' He looked at his boss who's still speaking with the Engineer with smoke coming out of his nose and ears .

Ronald contemplating; 'Should he show him now or wait later? If he wait later and it's too late, the consequences are much more . What to do? What to do? '

Finally, after a couple of minutes contemplating, he comes up with a solution; [HE FOWARD THE TEXT MESSAGE TO JEFF'S CELL PHONE!] With the thumb-finger, hit "SEND!"

Ronald ran down as fast as he can to the car and sat there quiet, and scared half to death for what is about to happen when Jeff see the text message he just forwarded .