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Chapter 105
Jeff is now in point of no return, growling at the Engineer and the Builder . Suddenly heard; * Ding!* Text message suddenly popped out at his cell phone .

The text message originated from Lea's phone, forwarded to his phone by Ronald . 'Hmmm, what is the meaning? Sent initially by Lea, to Ronald then to me . This message probably has something to so with Ann . ' Without being inconspicuous to the two people in front of him .

He immediately excuses himself, moves a little further in the railing then swipe his finger to the screen of his phone to read the message .

Jeff who has a very high IQ but a shallow common sense took a while before he was able to decipher the meaning of the message . With a creased between his eyebrow, he thought about it hard . ' Species landed in the earth, creating havoc? it's in regards to his wife?' ** Ding!** A light bulb!

Jeff finally figures out what Lea meant; he finally realizes that someone is trying to covet what belongs to him . His beautiful wife, once he finished reading the text message, he immediately called his wife . *Facetime*

*Ring! Ring! Ring* Ann felt her phone buzzing from where is at, on top of the table . She glances at the number quickly . 'Jeff! Oh! My Honey is calling; he's probably eating lunch right now!' Smiles is now visible on Ann's face .

She glanced at George inconspicuously, making sure he did not see the number on the screen . Ann picked up the phone quickly, excuse herself then hurried towards the ladies room to take the call in private .

Lea was standing guard by the side of the door of the Cafeteria . She knows what's going to happen once Ronald receives her text . As soon as Ann got up, she rushed right back to the table and sat next to George .

Lea knows George real feeling toward Ann . That night when he was drunk after his graduation, he came looking for Ann to express his intention . Ann had something to do and was not home, George ended up confessing to Lea instead .

Lea didn't want anything to intervene with Ann's study and dreams; she decided not to mention it to her friend .

" George, My friend! If you still have any feeling for my dear friend . Take my advice, please! for your good; bury it deep deep deep in your heart . Never let it out again like you did that night alright! Take it from me who knows her more than herself, you have no chance in this lifetime or the next . " Lea patted George back and with concern in her eyes, went back to her seat .

George stared at Lea for a moment, sighs then immediately got up and excused himself . " Tell boss lady; I still have lots of work to be done . So' I will head out first alright!" Turned around and left downcast .

Ann let the phone ring for a while, it's facetime, and she doesn't want Jeff to see that she's on her way to the ladies room .

Once in the comfort of the Ladies room, she checks first if anyone around . 'The coast is clear,' she went into one of the open stalls first then swipe to call Jeff back .

An irritated Jeff on top of the Deck of the Ship with the wind blowing his hair all over the place; is getting pissed by the minutes .

It's because Ann didn't answer his facetime call . ' You better ring or I will throw you to the deep sea, you hear me!' Jeff is talking to his cell phone when it suddenly buzzes on his hand . He swipes the screen excitedly, a smile on his handsome face is now visible .

"Hi! Honey! how are you?" Ann beautiful face and Green eyes glowing with happiness, now looking at him through the cell phone screen that his holding .

" Where are you! why is it look like your in a stall or something?" Jeff can see a plain white wall behind Ann .

"Sorry! Honey! I was having my lunch in the Cafeteria when you called the first time, I didn't want people to hear our conversation, so I had to improvise ok!" She followed it up with" I missed you! when are you coming back?'

That word alone subsides all of the anxiety and anger Jeff had felt before the called .

" Sweetheart! I'm sorry, but it seems we will be here for a couple of days . Problem with the steels materials and I have to negotiate with a new contractor . I need to clear everything so they can start building again;" Jeff pause for a moment

" I will take care of this issue quickly and fly back home right away ok! By the way, how's your first day? " He wants to see if Ann will mention the 'species that landed and wanted to create havoc . '

" Nothing major, everything went smooth as planned . I met a lot of people and oh! I met a Senior from College today . The Director of Marketing and had been working in the Company for a year now . I'll make sure to introduce him to you when you come back . " She said it casually

"Sure! you can invite him for dinner sometime . " His curiosity is now satisfied without a doubt .

" Oh! there's this one person we had an encounter today, I think she's trouble . But don't worry Lea and I will handle her in due time . " She smiled viciously after the word .

She did not realize she had been inside the ladies room for quite some time . " Honey! can I call you back after I return to my office? Lea is waiting out there Ok!"

" Go ahead! No need to call me back, I'm still in a meeting as we speak . I will call you tonight once I settle thing first alright! I love you!" Jeff finished he's facetime with a kiss on the screen of the phone .

Engineer and the Builder saw it all . ' Whew!' In unison . . .