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Chapter 106
The Engineer and the Builder felt much relief when they saw Jeff kissing the screen of his cell phone . * Whew!* Both people exclaim at the same time; they felt relief .

In the meantime, Lea and Ronald texting to each other;

Lea: [ What's the story, did you get my message?]

Ronald: [ YES!]

Lea: [AND?]

Ronald: [ I'm currently inside the car waiting to be slaughter by the boss . ]

Lea: [ Oh! ] - [ Talk to you later then, if you're still alive . ] - [ Hahaha!]

Ronald: [ What was that all about?]-[ You don't care at all?] - [I'm sad . . . ]

Ann texted Lea instead of going back to the Cafeteria; she did not want to face George in case his still there . [ I'm going back upstairs, make an excuse for me to George ok!]

Lea: [ Oke-Doki!]

The day went smoothly after that; Ann buried herself with work .


Albert and Grandma Tan having a deep conversation when Sophia came into Albert's room at the Hospital .

" You're right Mother; it's best if we send her to America to recuperate . " Albert Tan told his Mother with sadness in his eyes .

" Who's going to America?" Sophia curiously asked the both of them .

" Oh! You're here! Good! Mother and I were discussing Claudia's recuperation . She will need a specialist to help her with all the damage she sustained from the accident . " Albert was looking at Sophia for approval .

"Furthermore, It's best to take her out of the Country for now while they are still investigating . If you know what I mean?" Still waiting for a reaction from Sophia .

" Hmmm! Your Idea is not bad; It's feasible . " Sophia sat down next to Albert by the bed .

' It's better if she doesn't come back in this lifetime . Stay as far away from here, because if she does . I will make sure she pays for what she did . ' Sophia thought while smiling to Albert not showing her real emotion .

"Sophia, I know this might not be the right time, but I can't wait any longer, and I must know?" Grandma Tan asked looking excitedly to Sophia .

" What is it, Mother-in-law?" Acting nonchalant .

" About that relative of yours, Joanna Wen, Is she related to Albert in any way?" Grandma Tan couldn't ask the real question, afraid that she's mistaken .

" Mother-in-law, please! stop beating around the bushes . " Sophia now getting agitated by the question .

" Isn't obvious? Her similarity to you is uncanny, and she's related to me . So to answer your question, as I said before, Yes! Whatever it is your thinking . " Sophia proudly replied to her Mother-in-law .

" Whoa! It's great! Really great! With the situation now with Claudia looking like that and might become invalid, I'm sure Jeff will not marry her if it kills him . It's good news; I need to let Granpa Go knows so we can make the arrangement . " Grandma Tan excitedly announced .

" Hold It! Hold your horse's Mother!" Albert Tan is now anxious and excited at the same time .

" Mother, can you please! give us a moment to talk in private, I still have many questions unanswered, and please! don't blubber your mouth to that Old Goat until we hear from Joanna that she agreed alright! " Albert asked his Mother pleadingly .

"Sure! Sure! Don't worry; I will wait until we speak with my Granddaughter first and then I will tell Granpa Go . I'm sure he will agree in a heartbeat . " Grandma Tan excitedly excused herself and went to the adjoining waiting room .

' No wonder she looks likes me when I was at that age . She has all the feature of the Tan's and the Wen . Beautiful, smart and talented . Very well educated and polished . Who wouldn't want her for a wife?" Grandma Tan is thinking happily on the way to the waiting room .

Silence had occupied Albert's room right after Grandma Tan left . Sophia and Albert just stared at each other for a while . No one dare to say a word, afraid to express their real feeling as to not hurt each other .

Finally, after contemplating for a while, Albert Tan break the silence; " How? When? Why?" Albert utters to Sophia currently in deep thought .

" I know you have a lot of question, and all need answers, but let's wait when Ann is available and we all three can have a family bonding alright! For now, let us worry about the other daughter you have there in ICU, we need to make the arrangement . " Sophia tried to sound politically correct and smiled the sweetest to her husband .

" You are right, there are many things needed our attention, and we need to focus . Go ahead and take care of it all, You already have my Power of Attorney to handle Claudia's matter . The rest can wait . " Albert gave Sophia a little push encouraging her to go .

Sophia got up and went to the directions of the ICU to handle Claudia's transfer to America to recuperate .

' Now, you will be out of the way; I will make sure that you never come back! They think I'm going to send you to America, ha! I'm sending you to an unknown Country, to make sure you never recuperate at all . Hahaha!' Sophia so happy with the outcome is was showing on her face .

The Director of the Hospital was on the way to the ICU and saw Sophia . He was about to approach her when he heard her rumbling to herself . ' Tks! Tks! Tks! These rich and famous people are all cunning and vicious . They will do anything even it means killing your own family . In the future, I better make sure I don't involve myself to their matter . ' He backtracked his step and went to the direction of Albert's VIP room .

" Did you show this to anyone? " Albert asked .

" Only to the young Miss Wen who had donated the blood that saved your life," Director replied .

" Director, how many people know that Miss Wen is my Biological daughter? Albert asked sternly looking at him .

' How do I answer this? God help me! Please!' The Director speechless .