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Chapter 107

The Director of the Hospital was in the hot seat . He didn't know how to answer CEO Tan

question . 'What if he answers it incorrectly and ends up either losing his job or getting killed in the process . He needs to think of the best way to answer . ' He was about to reply when;

*Knock-knock* "Hello! may I come in?" A man was wearing a black leather Jacket stand at the door waiting to usher in .

" Come In! How may I help you?" Albert Tan replied gruffly .

" Sir! I'm Officer Gomez of the Crime Division; I'm hoping to be able to have a word with you . That is if you're healthy enough to answer a few questions?"

" Officer Gomez, thank you for worrying about my health . However, if you are here to ask me about my accident, there's nothing much I can tell you . " Albert sincerely wanted to help Officer Gomez .

"Understand Sir! Only a few questions, to give us an idea where we need to go for investigation . " Officer Gomez pulled out his memo pad and started jotting something down .

"Well if you don't need me, I should be going . ' The director interjects, glad that Officer Gomez showed up just in time .

"Go ahead if you must, remember my question and don't lie to me when you give me the answer . You hear!" Albert Tan remind the Hospital Director .

As soon as the Director of the Hospital left, Office Gomez gets down to business . He didn't want to CEO Tan get worn out; he asked the question very brief then said his goodbye as fast as he came in .


Sophia finished the arrangement for Claudia's transfer . Instead of sending her to America, She sent her to a third world Country . 'Let see how you will survive in this environment and be able to come back in this life . ' After taking care of the detail, Sophia returned to Albert's room .

" Honey! I had taken care of everything; The Hospital will airlift Claudia asap . " Sophia informed Albert happiness showing in her beautiful face .

"Thank you! I love you! What would have happened to Claudia and me if you did not come back to my life . " Kissed his wife sweetly and laid back down to rest .

"By the way, I'm sorry to inform you this late . But I have a Tour coming up . " Sophia was trying to play pity with her husband .

" I told them I should cancel it for now, until you recuperate . But tickets are sold out and too expensive to refund . "

"It's alright Hon! Now that I know Joanna is my daughter, I will try my best to ask her to spend time with me . You may go on your tour, and she can keep me company along with Mother . " Albert Tan happily gave his approval for Sophia to go on the Tour alone .

Sophia hugs her husband and sweetly whispered to his ears . " When I come back, you should be well by then . I will make sure to pay for leaving you . alright!"

" Ya! Ya! Ya! Enjoy your tour, take care of your health and call me everyday alright! Now go and let me rest, I need some energy before Joanna comes when she gets done from work .

"Ann is coming? That's good news, can't I stay, I want to spend time with her as well you know? " Sophia tying her best and acting pitiful .

"You will have your time together, let me just enjoy her alone while I'm recuperating, is that hard to ask?" Albert Tan is now getting agitated .

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you; I will not get in between your bonding together ok! I will stay away until you fully recuperate . But after that, you will need to share her with me . " She pouted her mouth like a little child .

Sophia embraces Albert and bids her goodbye . 'It's going to be a long Tour, hopefully by the time she finished, Ann and Albert had reconciled already . When that happens, she will announce her retirement to the public and be Mrs . Albert Tan and Mother of Joanna Wen Tan . '


Ann first day at the office finally comes to an end . She's worn out and ready to go home when she received a text message from Jeff; [Are you back home now or still at the office?]

Ann replied;[ Still at the office, almost done . What's up?]

Jeff; [ Nothing, finally got a couple of minutes to break from a boring meeting . ]

Ann; [ Oh! My heart-ache for you baby!]

Jeff; [ Ouch! I'm so in love with my wife!] started chuckling to himself .

Ann; [ Will call you when I get home . I'm 2X in love with my husband!]

Jeff couldn't wait for her to get home, he excused himself and went to find an area where no one can hear their conversation and dial his wife . [Face-time]

*Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz* Ann phone started buzzing . When she looks at the number, who else could it be?

[Face-time] "Hi! Honey! What's wrong? I thought you would wait until I get home? I'm still in the office you know . " Ann was trying to sound cheerful, but it clearly shows on her face how tired she is right now .

" I know! I know! Is just that seeing your text about 2X, I rather hear it . can you please!" Jeff begs his wife to say the word .

" Alright! Mr . Go, I love you! I love you! And I love you! is that enough?" Ann teasingly asks him .

" Thank you! and I love you more each day . Remember that always!" Jeff sweetly told her .

Suddenly, Ann heard a loud explosion where Jeff is at; then the phone went black . "Jeff? Hello! Jeff!"

'What's going on? What happens?' "Lea!!! call Ronald right now, find out what happened?"Ann is now in panicked mode, one minute she talking to her husband, now the phone is dead after hearing a loud explosion .

" Ann, I couldn't get a hold of Ronald either," Lea told Ann .