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Chapter 108
The blast was eerie loud it can be heard from miles where it happens . A cylinder of Oxygen that is utilized by one of the welder's had exploded inside the Engine of the Vessel currently in construction .

Jeff and other's was in a small portable makeshift office nearby when it happens . Everyone heard the loud explosion and ran out of the small mobile office to see the situations .

What they saw was a blazing fire engulfing the lower level of the vessel currently being built .
"Oh! my God!" Someone yelled, "Hope there's no-one inside the Vessel, the fire is raging like it hell . " Another interjects .

Suddenly a siren from a fire truck can be heard coming into the direction of the fire: one, two, - Six fire truck to the rescue . The firemen were all quick, fire hose connected through the hydrant, and water started blasting to the air .

Jeff and Ronald saw this scene when they arrived .

Ronald nudged Jeff; "Boss, this is a big problem it seems someone is sabotaging the progress . What is your order?"

Jeff was in deep thought and about to reply to Ronald when; *Bzzzz* his phone started buzzing from the left pocket of his suit . He suddenly remembers his wife . 'Shit! I forgot to call her back; she's probably going crazy right now . '

He took out his cell phone from where it had been buzzing non-stop .

As soon as he put his thumb to answer, "Hello!" A frantic voice of his wife is in the line . "Jeff is this you! Honey! Answer me, please! Jeff . . . "

" Sweetheart! It's me, I'm sorry! There was an explosion, and we lost contact . Then I had to rush out to check, and I forgot to call you back . " Jeff quickly replied .

"Forgive me please!" Pleading Jeff, he might, but what he heard next gave him much more fright than the explosion .

"JEFF GO !!!! YOU! ($^&)%$#@) So you're okay, while I have a heart attack from worrying . Is this how you're going to be, fine!" Ann hangs up the phone then turned it off .

' Oh! Shit! What do I do now?' Jeff is now in a panic, not because of the multi-million USD Vessel is now burning, it's due to the wife at home that hanged up on him .

" Ronald!!!" Jeff is losing it now . He can't leave especially with this Inferno blazing and burning one of the Vessels being build . There's so much problem to resolve . The only option left, he's sending Ronald home to appease the now totally pissed off wife .

Jeff loves Ann to death, however, unless it's detrimental as a CEO of a large group, Business will have to come first . Is this what Jeff's trying to prevent, a time like this when he has to make a choice .

'He will wrap it up as fast as he can, then fly home to extinguish the fire he created back there . ' Jeff thought gloomy and headed to the direction where the Chief of the Fire Department is standing .


Ann hangs up the phone, turn it off then throw it inside her bag . 'That SOB! He thinks saying sorry after that stunt that almost gave me a heart attack is enough . He got another thing coming . ' She's mumbling to herself as she was gathering all her thing ready to head to the Hospital .

"So! Did he order you to fly home instead of himself? Well, I understand his reason though . " Lea told Ronald on the other end of the line .

"But, he should be the one pacifying his wife, not me . " Wanting Lea to feel sorry for him .

"By the way, you are in the same boat . Might as well stay there and just come home at the same time . Because I will kill you myself if I see you soon . " Lea told him angrily then hangs up the phone as well .

' Now what? What did I do? Oh! Shit! I copied precisely what Boss did with his wife . It means I'm also in the hot seat . Fu,!' Ronald walked as fast as he can to where Jeff is busy speaking with the Chief .

They needed to plan and prepare for the upcoming battle . But first, they need to take care of business at hand .

" Let me get this clear; you will not be able to tell me anything until after the investigation is complete? And that would take a couple of days? " Jeff waiting excitedly for a reply .

"Yes! CEO Go, we will need to wait until the fire is fully out and controlled . Investigate thoroughly then report our findings for the Insurance . And that would take a couple of days at least . " The Chief confidently told Jeff .

"That's good! Take your time and do a thorough investigation, and once you completed to contact me through my assistant; We will fly back right away . " Jeff couldn't wait to finish the conversation so he can fly back home to make up with his wife .

" That's about it!" The Chief replied then shook Jeff's hand and walked toward where other firefighters are .

"RONALD!!! WE ARE GOING HOME!" Jeff is yelling to Ronald that was already making his way towards him .

"We're going home? Boss! Are you sure? Hahaha! We're going home!" Ronald was jumping for joy .


Tan Corporation:

"Lea!" Ann called for her friend still mad at her husband .

" What's up?"

"Book a flight to Korea for both of us, tonight, right now, anytime! " Ann's is fuming now, and if Jeff cannot come, then she will go to him!

" Right now! Yehey! I'm on it . Korea here we come!" Lea hurried up and start checking for a flight to Korea leaving right now, later, as long us is tonight! .

" Hello! I'm checking for the first flight to Korea . Do you have one available?"