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Chapter 109
"What do you mean there's no available seat in any flight living tonight? Lea is speaking with the travel agent .

"I'm sorry Mam! But we are fully booked right now . An award is going on in Korea, and we're overbooked as we speak . " The travel agent said apologetically to Lea .

" Forget it then!" Hang up and went to the now much calmer Ann waiting for her news .

"Sorry! Best friend, no go! It seems that no flight is available, how about I check for tomorrow?" Lea was coaxing Ann to cheer her up .

"It's alright! I'm too tired anyway . I was just upset earlier . Will play it by ear ok!" Ann told Lea . Tiredness is visible in Ann's beautiful face .

"Why don't you go on home first, I need to stop by at the Hospital on the way home to report . Have some dinner ready and will have a quiet night at home . How's that!" Ann's trying to sound cheerful, but sadness is still lurking in her voice .

" Alright! Will do! Be careful on the way to the Hospital, make sure those bodyguards of yours that getting big bucks work their worth . " Lea gathered her belonging, bid Ann goodbye, and then head home .


On the way to the Hospital, Ann decided to take a quick shut-eye . She was so tired and burned out .

The ride to the Hospital was smooth; the traffic was not bad considering it's rush hour . The driver of the Car played mellow music for Ann to listen and relax .

As Ann was listening to the tune of Bryan Adams song 'Heaven . ' She couldn't help herself from singing along . She was so engrossed with her sing-a-long and did not realize that her driver was recording her at the same time .

' Her voice is so Angelic; I can listen to her all day long and never tire listening . Hope she never finds out that I'm recording her voice, It's for my personal use anyway . It should be alright . ' The driver was trying to comfort himself that what he's doing is not wrong .

They finally arrived at the Hospital as the music ended . Ann prepared herself to get out of the car when the driver told her to wait .

Still a lot of reporters, it seems something is going on again . "Miss . Wen, if you please! wait just a minute, will go around back to the private entrance and you can get out of the car from there . "

" Alright!" She sat back down, and the driver turns the car around . Ann was able to go up to Albert's VIP room without delay .

*Knock Knock* She pushed the door a little to peek . "May I come in?" Ann asked as she slowly makes her way to Albert Tan who's been anticipating her arrival .

" Sure! Sure!, come and sit here by my bed, will you? " Happiness showing in he's now older but still handsome face . Alber's is only in his mid 40's, but due to the accident, his far, impressive feature is still black and blue with bruises .

"How was your first day at the office? Did anyone give you a hard time? I tell you! If anyone dares to do so, say the words and I will make sure they never see the daylight . Hahaha!" Albert jokingly told Ann making small talk .

" How are you?" Went closer to the Albert then gave him a light embrace .

Albert's gazed at Ann's now haggard looking face . "What have you been doing to be in such a state . Have you eaten? It's not good! Anyone out there?" He called out .

"Yes! Sir!" A Nurse on duty was standing by in the adjoining waiting room .

"Is my Mother here? If she's here tell her I needed her here, Pronto!" He ordered the Nurse on duty .

" It's alright, please! don't . If possible, I would like to have a couple of minutes of your time to report; then I'm heading home to get some rest . " Ann pleadingly asked Albert with a Dowey eye .

"Ah! alright!" He turned to the Nurse . " Forget it then, If my Mother is there, don't mention about me having a company, you got it!" He ordered the Nurse . He Nurse acknowledged his warning and retreated to the other room without uttering a word to the Old Lady about Ann .

Ann who's seating by Albert's bed was curiously staring at him . Not a word comes out of her mouth . She just stared and stared and emotion is starting to form on her face .

She's so immense in her thought she did not realize that tears began to go down from her beautiful face .

Albert's saw all this and wanted to comfort his daughter so bad, afraid that if he suddenly embraces her that she will bolt out of the room . He decided to wait for Ann to make the first move .

Ann grabs hold of Albert's hand and looks him in the eyes with tears still flowing . " I only want to know one thing today; I don't want to talk about everything yet . Only one! is that alright with you?" She asks him with sadness in her eyes .

Albert nods his head and motion for her to continue .

" Did you know about me? I mean before I showed up here in Asia creating havoc with everyone's lives, did you know already? That you have a daughter somewhere in America?" Ann is anxiously waiting for Albert's reply .

Albert then found the courage to embrace Ann . He then whispered to her in a very soothing voice; "No! I had never known about you till that day we met at Jeff's office . Your Mother seems to forget that I'm your Father . Hahaha!"

"If I knew about you at that time, I would not have married Claudia's Mother regardless of the consequences . I would have chosen you and your Mother over Tan Corporation . " Albert Tan sadly informed Ann .

"But How can she tell you about me when you just left without a following address . ?" She asked .