Published at 13th of November 2018 10:02:01 PM

Chapter 11

Jeff didn't know if he should be mad or glad . This is the first time in his whole life that anyone screamed at him and question him where he had been, in a way it's kind of hilarious to see Ann steaming and challenging him like a real wife, he can't explain what he's feeling at the moment .

"I went out to get some food and change of cloth, then I realized I don't have your entry code and don't know your phone number, so I just walked around until now," Jeff explained to Ann . Meanwhile his thinking " why am I explaining myself? When did I ever explain to anyone my whereabouts . " but in his face, he was grinning from ear to ear, he felt good after making sure that Ann is no longer upset, after hearing his explanation .

" By the way why are you looking for me? did you missed me?" Jeff jokingly said to Ann .

"No! actually, I was looking for you because I stopped by at the chapel where we got married last night and asked the Manager for the procedure of annulment process, and he told me that we both needed to be present . "Ann explained . " really? what else did he say?" Jeff asked but in reality his not interested whatever the Manager told Ann . He was just pacifying Ann . " no matter what, he will keep this wife, he will make sure they cannot annul this marriage, divorce will be the only way, and she will never get it . . .

"Ann, can you do me a favor?" Jeff asked . "If I can, I will! what is it?" Looking at Jeff but not really seeing him . . " You see, I'm in a dilemma right now, I lost my passport, and I have to wait for a week to get a temporary one so I can go home, but I don't have a place where I can stay, can I stay with you?" Jeff thinks that a week should be long enough, he will make sure that by the end of the week, she will become fully pledge Mrs . Jeff Go . . .

He made all the arrangement ahead of time . He told his assistance to fly back home ahead of him, if someone asks why he did not return, to say that he has a significant business deal . If his grandfather asked to never . . . ever . . mentioned about Ann . His parents and grandparents will not be happy if they find out that his new wife is a nobody, a high school graduate and an orphan at that .

He will pave her way to a better future, he will need to know what's her plan and no matter what he will never let her go, she's the one and only for him, in this life and after . (so . . . sweet!)

Ann agreed without hesitation, for some reason she felt happy that he lost his passport and they will have a week together before saying goodbye . Then she realized that she's supposed to be in a competition in another city . Ann decided to ask Jeff if he's willing to accompany her and cheer her up . Jeff agreed in a heartbeat, this way he will see how good she is in singing, if she's excellent, he can sign her up in one of his entertainment company . (Sound like a plan to me . )