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Chapter 110
Ann still waiting for Albert's reply, when suddenly the door from the adjoining room opened, and Grandma Tan came in .

" Albert, I heard from a nurse that Claudia is transferring today?"

" Yes! Mother, I gave Sophia a power of attorney to handle all and made the arrangement . "

"Who do have here? Joanna! You're here!" Grandma Tan excitedly sat down next to her by Albert's bed .

"How is your first day at Tan Corporation? Did anyone give you a hard time? Oh! You look like you haven't eaten anything yet . How about having dinner with this old lady?" Grandma Tan excitedly grabs Ann's hands waiting for her answer .

Albert Tan instead answered on Ann's behalf: "Mother, please give her a break alright! As you said, she looks tired and needs rest . Why don't we let her go home and have a good night rest first and will invite her next time?

"Oh! alright then, I understand . " However, it clearly shows on the old lady's face that she doesn't understand .

Ann took this as a queue and removed her hand from Grandma Tan . " If you all don't mind I will be going first . There still a lot I need to do for tomorrow . " She bid them goodbye and quickly left without waiting for an answer .

As she was walking toward where the driver and the bodyguards were waiting for her, she can't help think of her Grandmother Wen who had raised her . ' Grandma, I'm so confused about what's happening in my life right now . I needed your guidance, please come into my dream and tell me ok!' Tears started falling without her realizing .

It's the scene that Jeff saw when he arrived at the Hospital . He flew as soon as the Chief told him that it would take couple more days before they can find out what happened . He took the opportunity and told Ronald to arrange for them to fly back right away .

The flight only took them less than three hours .

Jeff contacted Lea while on the plane, that's how he knows that his wife is in the Hospital visiting .

Ann did not realize that Jeff is right in front of her staring at her now face full of tears . 'Jeff where are you, honey? I need you right now!' She was saying it, and Jeff heard all of it .

Jeff embraced his wife who was stunned to see him in person . "I'm here Sweetheart! What is wrong? Who bully you? Tell me, and I will beat the shit out of the person!" He was joking, and Ann knows it too .

Ann embraced her husband back and started to cry really; It's breaking Jeff heart every minute .

"Come on! let's go home alright? " He guided his wife where the car was waiting, and they went straight to the Mansion instead of her condominium .


Jeff had made the arrangement ahead of time before arriving home .
The Butler instructed the Chef to cook them special dinner . All the missus like to eat as per the Young Master's instruction .

When Ann and Jeff arrived at the Mansion, dinner is ready . Ann went to take a shower first to freshen up . She's worn out and can barely move her aching body .

After changing to more comfortable clothes, she went down in the study was Jeff was reading some document . "Honey! Can we have our dinner now? I'm hungry and tired . " Ann is asking Jeff while massaging his shoulder .

"Hmmm . . . Sure! let me just finished this one page alright!" Grabs Ann hand and kissed it .

Ann back hug him and played with his earlobe, kissing it and blowing air making Jeff go banana .

"Mrs . Go you better stop that right now, or we can forget about eating . Keep it up, and I will instead eat you!" Jeff lovingly told his wife who's getting hot by the minute .

"What makes you think that you're the only one capable of eating . I can eat you as well as you can eat me!" Now it's Ann turn to be playful .

"Really? Let see who can eat who?" Jeff got up from the chair and carried Ann like a sack of potato and carried her to the dining room .

"Put me down! Jeff!!! Put me down! it's embarrassing; everyone is watching us . " Ann was wiggling and punching Jeff at the same time .

Once they reach the dining room, Jeff put her down and pull the chair and made her sit down . Once she's seated, he motioned to the Butler to start serving their dinner .

They ate dinner quietly, neither speak about work or problems . They wanted to enjoy the quiet moment and just pampered each other .

This scene had been in full view of the whole staff in Jeff's Mansion . They couldn't stop themselves from giggling especially the young maids .

"Oh! they are soo . . . sweet I wish I can find a husband like Young Master . " The young maid told the older maid .

"Keep on dreaming girl, unless you re-born as beautiful as the Young Missus, you will never attract a man like Young Master . Hahaha! "

Everyone else joined the joke and started laughing happily .

Jeff and Ann heard the loud waves of laughter from everyone in the kitchen . They know they were talking about them . They didn't mind at all, if it makes them happy talking about how lovey-dovey they are, so be it .

The dinner was delicious, after dinner, they went back to Jeff's Study to let him finish some necessary document before going to bed .

Ann lay on Jeff's lap while his reading his document with one hand and another hand stroking his wife beautiful reddish hair .

"Jeff I have a question?"

"Hmmm . . . What is it?"

" When you asked me to be your wife for real, is that still an option?"

" Well! Depend on how well you perform tonight?" Jeff replied teasing her .

"How excellent to I have to be?" She turned her head from where she's laying down and act like she un-zipping Jeff pants .