Published at 30th of December 2018 03:33:50 PM
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Chapter 111
Ann started un-zipping Jeff's pants teasing him, slowly lowering the zipper, and then asked him once again .

" If I do an excellent job like this one, would it be enough for you to keep me? She smiles with a hint of sexiness in her voice .

"Sweetheart! You better not be teasing me, as you can see, my good friend is ready and waiting . " Jeff dropped the document his holding and lifted his wife . Jeff carried her like princes toward their bedroom .

One their in the sanctuary of their bedroom, no more words are needed .

Jeff softly laid her to bed, then start taking his clothing's . First his tie, next he slowly unbuttons his dress shirt, one at the time . Once all are unfastened, he slowly took it off . Ann is getting hotter and hotter just from watching Jeff make Male-Stripper moves .

"Honey! can you, please stop teasing me and hurry up . " Ann is now salivating and getting impatient by the minute .

"Hahaha! Jeff felt good teasing his wife . All the tiredness and the headache he felt earlier were all gone now . All is left is the hunger for this beautiful woman laying down in bed waiting for him to eat her whole .

"Sweetheart you have to be patient to get the best . It won't be long; we have all the time in the world . " After saying those lovely words, he continued what he was doing .

Now all his Eight pack is revealed for Ann view only . [We can just imagine] Next he started to unbuckle his belt . Slowly pulled it, and as he was pulling the strap, Ann's breathing is getting heavier and heavier . Just the way he was pulling the strap, feels like he was pulling her along with it .

Jeff knew, his wife is now ready and wet for the way her breathing just from watching him . It excites him more and eager to please her to the max . He wants her to feel the earth moves and Volcano to erupt and spit out as much lava she carries in her body .

He did not strip all the way; he left his pant on . Jeff wants to see how badly Ann want him . He crawls towards Ann's feet first and Kneeled by the side of the bed and started kissing her from her Toe .

Jeff was Nibbling, licking, and sucking, slowly making his way to her legs . Ann's is now on fire, and it's raging and blazing . She's panting and moaning from what Jeff was doing to her .

While Jeff was making his way toward her middle, he raised his two hands and slowly pulled her lace underwear down to her feet then stripped entirely . He tossed it to the side and worked his way to her middle .

Once Jeff reaches Ann's middle section, She was in point of no return . Jeff first checked how wet she is by putting one finger first, once his finger was inside trying to locate her particular spot . He started licking, sucking her middle like his eating a cheesecake .

It's the first in Ann's whole life to experience this type of sensation . She was ready to explode, and the heat was building so fast, the more Jeff pushed his finger and licked at the same time, she couldn't stop any longer, and the volcano erupted .

Once the volcano erupted, that was the end of Ann . She was eaten whole by her loving husband .

Jeff was smiling happily after that episode . He hurries over right on top of his wife face to face while started kissing her, then asked her; [ ARE YOU SATISFIED?]