Published at 30th of December 2018 03:33:48 PM
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Chapter 112

Jeff was right on top of his wife kissing her madly, he stops for a moment and looks at his wife still not sated from the last episode . " Are you satisfied?" He asks with a very sexy voice .

Ann look straight in Jeff's eyes full of lust; " Let me show you how satisfied I am!" She pushed Jeff to changes their position; now Ann is on the top and in control .

Jeff was stunned by how aggressive his wife after combusting . He likes this side of Ann, demanding and overbearing .

Ann started kissing Jeff from his two eye-brow, then his two-eyelids, down to his cheek and slowly making her way to his neck, at the same time she was caressing his Eight-pack . Now it's Jeff's turn to be on the other side where Ann was earlier .

When Ann made it to his chest and started sucking his two nipples left and right, he's already a goner . But he tries his best to control his little buddy not to waste that essential liquid .

Ann continued sucking and licking Jeff's nipples . She did it for what it feels like an eternity . When she heard Jeff started moaning, she made her way down to his belly button and started licking it too .

She can feel the bulge in Jeff pants; she knows that his buddy wanted to be free . She started unbuttoning and unzipping his pants in a rush way . Ann knows Jeff will not be able to hold it for too long .

Once she unzipped the pants, she raised Jeff buttocks to ease the pants down very quickly . Now . . . His buddy is finally free for Ann to enjoy .

She grabs Jeff shaft like she's holding a lollipop, starts tasting it, a little salty but sweet . She slowly put it inside her mouth and sucking it up and down . Jeff's buddy was large, Ann has a hard time fitting it entirely inside her mouth . She still did her best to swallow it as much as she can,

The whole time she Ann was doing this, she was also stroking his shaft up and down, tightly in her hand . Jeff's eyes are now fully dilated from ecstasy . Ann is now smiling sweetly while looking at how wild her husband is looking at the moment .

She thought about teasing him and stop, but Jeff had sensed it and grab her head to indicates that it's necessary to continue . That's all the queue that Ann's requires from Jeff . She started again and sucked it like she's sucking a lollipop, so sweet, some juice started dripping .

Jeff couldn't handle it anymore . He stopped Ann from what she was doing . Flip her over, stripped her fully then started kissing her whole body .

Ann is now fully naked and ready . Even though she had just erupted not long ago, she's still not satisfied . She must feel his big hard 'buddy' all inside of her . " Honey! Please!!!! I can't wait anymore!" Ann is now pleading to her husband .

" As you wish my Sweetheart! I'm here to please and obey!" Jeff positions his big hard buddy right between her legs that's wet and ready .

Slowly going in, teasing her, slowly going out . Then it started to become intense; Jeff is now in point of no return as well as Ann . They both needed to release all the fluid that's all build up from the high of their lovemaking .

All sense is gone, all rational gone, Jeff rode Ann like a Mustang with eight cylinders and turbo engine . They made it into the finish line, 1st place with a trophy to come .