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Chapter 113
Jeff was woken up in the middle of the night from a call from Ronald . " Boss! I'm sorry to bother you, but it's emergency . I received a call from our office in The Bahamas about one of our vessels got hijacked . What do you want me to do?" Ronald is paranoid and in the panic .

" Are you here in the Mansion?" Jeff is whispering on the phone . He didn't want to wake up Ann currently in deep slumber .

"Yes! I'm downstairs in your study now . "

" Alright! I'll be down there in a minute . " Jeff slowly removes his wife head from his arm . Got up quietly and put some clothes on .

While tip-toe-ing he slowly opens the door doing his best not to make a sound . Once he was out the door, he took a stride two at the time at the stair rushing to his study .

Ronald already has steaming coffee ready at his desk . The computer turned on prepared for video call to their office in The Bahamas .

Jeff immediately made the call to the Port Captain . It only took a couple of seconds; an anxious man appear on the screen .

" What's going on? Give me all the detail, don't miss anything you understand!" Jeff snarled at the Port Captain .

" Sir! I'm sorry! To have wakened you up at this hour, but this is a true emergency . I hope . . . " He was not able to continue before Jeff slammed his hand at the desk and yelled .

" Get to the point Man! I don't have all day, what-how did it happen?"

[1]"We have a Cargo load order in Dubai and route to the destination from Mombasa, M/V Serene was hijacked by a Sea Pirates 10-20 Nautical miles . They are currently holding twenty-one crew on board . " The Port Captain inform Jeff the best he can .

" Continue! Nationality? Anyone injured, dead, did anyone contact authority yet? Jeff is now anxious as well .

" It's a full crew Filipino, no one is injured or dead, they just took possession of the vessel about twelve hours ago, and we just received a call from the authority less than an hour ago . " The Port Captain almost out of breathing detailing the situation .

" What's the demand? Did you receive any yet?" Jeff is now getting agitated by the minutes .

" No, not yet! That's why I contacted Sir Ronald right away to inform you just in case they reach to us and demand ransom . "

'What the heck is going on? I still have the issue in Korea; now another one popped out from nowhere . ' Jeff was thinking to himself .

Ronald who's listening with the whole conversation was stunned and speechless . 'What now? We just came back not even twenty-four hours, and we will be flying again? God have mercy on my soul! I'm losing it already . '

"Boss! what should we do?" The Port Captain asked earnestly with concern showing on his face . "We haven't even contacted the families of the Crews yet, and no news had been announced to the public since it just happens . "

" Alright! I got the intel, let stop, for now, I will hold an emergency meeting to discuss this matter . I will personally contact you when we finalize a decision . " Jeff informed the Port Captain bid him goodbye then turned off the Computer .

"You heard what's going on, get a move it . You know what to do!" Jeff ordered Ronald .

"Yes! Boss! I'm on it; I will prepare everything . The car will be ready when you are . " Ronald is trying to cheer himself up but is not working .

His concern for the crew of M/V Serence . ' God! Please! Help those crew that's currently in danger . Let nothing happen to them; their family will be devastated if any of them come to harm . ' Ronald was praying on the way to take care of the task Jeff assigned him .

As soon as Ronald left, Jeff got up and went up to their room to change clothes . As he was preparing, he couldn't help gazing at his sleeping wife and feel guilty having to leave her in the middle of the night without letting her know .

' It's better this way; if I wake her up to let her know, she will be worried and unable to go back to sleep . She had a lot on her plate right now and needed to have a complete rest . I will call her in the morning and let her know . ' Jeff told himself while still gazing at his wife .

Jeff finished getting dress, before leaving he went toward his wife and sat next to her side of the bed .

Jeff slowly stroked her hair then whispered as lightly as he can; " Sleep tight sweetheart, I have to leave due to an emergency . People lives at stake, and I'm responsible for them . You understand right?" Jeff's getting emotional with the thought of having to go without saying a proper goodbye to Ann .

"I don't know when I will be back, but I want you to know that not a second went by that I don't think about you . I love you with all my heart . " Jeff kissed Ann lightly on her lips, then got up quickly before he changes his mind .

' I can't understand what wrong with me . I don't usually get emotional over anything . I had encountered many emergencies in the past, but this time I don't feel good about it at all . I feel like If I leave now, I'm might not ever see my wife again . It's not good at all . ' Jeff is trying to shake off the bad feeling he's having . But is not working .

" The car is ready Boss! Whenever you are?"

" I guess! I'm ready as I can be! Let go!" Jeff replied to Ronald, looked upstairs toward their bedroom with sadness in his eyes .

Jeff didn't know that Ann was awake the whole time he was whispering to her ear . She heard every word he said . 'Why did he say all those words?'