Published at 30th of December 2018 03:33:30 PM
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Chapter 114

Ann is now wide awake, after hearing what Jeff had whispered to her ears . She started to feel uneasy . It's like a warning that something is about to happen and it's not right .

Now that she's awake, she decided to facetime her hubby . *Bzz Bzz* .

Jeff is currently on a video call with one of the Superintendent and couldn't pick up Ann's facetime call . *Bzzz Bzzz* *Bzzz Bzzz* *Bzzz Bzzz* The phone keeps on buzzing .

Jeff is now anxious and doesn't know what to do . " Super, I'm going to have to call you right back . I have a more urgent call to take . " Turned off the video call without waiting for a reply .

" Hello! sweetheart, what are you doing awake at this hour?" Jeff is trying to play it cool .

" Mr . Jeffrey Go!!! Your [#@^%&$] what do you think you're doing?" Ann screams at him as soon as her face showed up on the screen .

"Sweetheart! Calm down alright! Your heart . " Smiling so sweet with a doe looking eyes .

" Don't you sweetheart me! You [#$%&@] what do you mean whispering those word to me like your dying on me . " Ann who never likes swearing had called Jeff all the names she can think off .

"You're so mean you know that? Instead of you waking me up and explaining what's happening right now . " Ann now has tears in her eyes flowing down her face .

"You went and blubbered those word without thinking I might be awake . Did you not think for one minute that I'm might be a light sleeper?" Ann's sniffling in between her word .

"Sweetheart! Come down alright, I'm sorry! I just got too emotional thinking about something . " Jeff couldn't tell Ann about the people that currently held, hostage .

"I tell you what! Let me take care of this matter first; then I will head home right away . I will be there next to you when you wake up tomorrow alright!" Jeff was trying to appease his wife's anger .

" You promise? If I go back to sleep now, you will be here when I wake up in the morning?" Ann is now acting like a spoiled child, and Jeff loves every bit of his wife acting .

"Yes! I promise! " Raised his hand and swore to God that his not lying .

Only then did Ann feel a lot better and let him go to take care of the situation on hand .

'I can't believe I'm doing this . I Jeff Go a CEO of one of the biggest Corporation in Asia, admired and feared by many is actually [Under de Saya and Takosa] under my wife skirt and afraid of my wife . ' "Hahaha!"

Ronald heard every word Jeff was mumbling to himself while laughing out loud . He just shook his head and continued what he was doing .


Ann is woken up from a deep slumber when she felt a hand was caressing her belly . She touched it, and sure enough, her husband is back .

She glanced at the time from the alarm clock on the top of the side table, and it shows six o clock in the morning . 'Well, he didn't lie to me . He promised he would be next to me in bed when I wake up, and he's here . Hmmm!' She turned to face Jeff and stared at him sleeping sound .

Ann kissed him lightly and whispered to him; "Thank you! for coming to my life, thank you for always making me your priority, and thank you for loving me . For that, I love you with all of me . " Then went back to sleep without a care in the world .