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Chapter 115
Last night at the Mega International Group Headquarters:

"After carefully studying the situation at hand, the solution we come up with is to negotiate with the Sea Pirates . The lives of the crew on board M/V Serene is in danger the longer we wait . " Jeff explained to the Board of Directors .

"I will need a volunteer to be the negotiator . Unfortunately, I cannot go myself . " 'Because my wife will kill me if I do . ' Jeff was telling himself .

"So! Who will volunteer?" Jeff asks and looking around for any raised hand .

When no one volunteer, Jeff decided to appoint someone to be the negotiator .

"The meeting adjourned," Jeff announced

Ronald was finally breathing after hearing the decision . He was worried that they would be the one going in the danger zone . 'Thank you, Missus, for saving my life . Without you in Big Boss life, I know he will be the one going and I along with him . '


"Good morning?" Jeff's handsome face staring at sleepy Ann .

"Wake-up Sweetheart! You still have a big day at the office . Rise and shine!" Jeff was cheerfully trying to wake his wife from being half asleep, half awake .

" A couple more minutes, please! I'm so tired and sleepy . Please! Honey!" Ann pleads to Jeff who's rubbing and caressing her tummy .

"Wake-up wake-up my sleepy head wife," Jeff repeated while still doing the same thing . Rubbing and caressing her tummy like a Budha .

"Honey! Stop it! That's tickles . Hahaha!"

"Sweetheart! if we are to get pregnant after what we did last night, what would you like it to be? A boy or A girl?" Jeff was curiously asking Ann .

"Hmmm? I don't know! A boy as cute as the Daddy is not bad . " Ann replied acting like she's contemplating . "But then, A girl as cute and beautiful like the Mommy is not bad either . " She finished by saying .

"That's not fair!" Jeff complained . "You said A boy as cute as the Daddy, and A girl as cute and beautiful as the Mommy . What happens to the Handsome Daddy? Am'I only cute and not handsome?" Jeff teased his wife .

" Oh! Stop it alright! If you must, how about we have both . A little girl and a little boy . Cute, beautiful, and handsome . Hahaha!" Ann told Jeff while laughing lovingly .


Ann got up and went to take a shower while Jeff ordered some breakfast to bought be upstairs . He then started getting ready as well .

The issue with the hostage situation is still going . Same with the problem in Korea . Jeff has a lot on his plate, and he needed to take care of it all . The sooner, the better .

Suddenly it hit Jeff; ' I'm supposed to be her shadow in Tan Corporation . How am I going to be able to do that if I'm so busy with my own Company?"

As when Jeff was thinking so deep, Ann finished taking her shower and came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body . Jeff couldn't help stop himself imagining what they did the night before .

" Don't even think about whatever it is your thinking Mr . Go!" Ann teased her husband .

"What made you think I'm thinking about something, unless . . . " Jeff smiled and walked towards his wife and kissed her like she's the breakfast he ordered from the Butler .

" Jeff, I'm going to be late, stop it ok!" Ann pushed her husband and went to the walk-in closet to find something to wear . 'Good thing I didn't bring all the clothes when I moved, or I will be going naked . Hahaha!' Ann laughs at her way of thinking .

Just as Ann was finishing someone knock on the door . It was the downstairs maid bringing their breakfast .

"Good Morning Young Master! Good Morning Young Missus!" With a mischievous smile on her face .

Ann was turning red for no apparent reason .

Jeff: 'Hmmm!' With a smile on his handsome face .

"Would there be anything else?" The maid stands there waiting and curiously glancing on the bed .

" No, nothing else! " Both said in Unison . Looking at the maid embarrassed .

"By the way sweetheart! I might have to fly back to Korea in a day or two once they finished the investigation . I'm just letting you know ahead . " Jeff told Ann, more like asking for permission to go .

" Hmmm! Sure! Just let me know when so I can arrange my schedule because I'm coming with you!" Ann smiles sheepishly .

'There's no way in hell that I will let you out of my sight, after what you told me last night . I will be your shadow, instead of you shadowing me if anything to happen to you! I will be right there with you . ' Now it's Ann's turn to look at Jeff mischievously .