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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:33:13 PM

Chapter 116
Ann arrived at Tan Corporation with the same entourage like the day before . Two cars full of bodyguard to protect her for an accident to happen,

However, this time only the doorman to greet her when she came in .

" Good morning Mam!" Greeted the doorman while bowing to Ann .

Ann was relief that the entourage that greeted her the day before in not present this time . Leaving her to be able to go up to her office without delay .

When she arrives in her office, she was stunned to see Lea seating in front of her desk typing away . "What? Are you already working this early? Ann asked Lea .

"Who said I'm working, just because I'm in front of the computer and typing away, does not mean I'm working . Hahaha!" Lea was teasing Ann .

"Seriously, what's going on? Ann asked with a worried look in her eyes .

" I received a message regarding an offer for you to appear in a drama . I'm replying to them in regards to that matter . " Lea told her casually .

"Oh!" Ann went to the sidebar where coffee was already brewing and pour a cup for herself and Lea . " How did you reply? Did you accept or declined?"

"Of course, pending until further notice! You're not seriously thinking on giving up your career in showbiz do you?" Lea asks now with concern showing on her eyes .

" To be honest, no! I'm not thinking of retiring when I haven't even begun . Is just that I had been naughty lately, and I have not taken any precaution . Who knows if I might already be . . you know! Prego . " She smiles after saying the last part .

"Hmmm! That's not good, not good at all . If you get Pregnant now, it means you will be out of the circulation for a while . Your career will end in showbiz before it even begun . Also, what about my job as your Manager?"

"You can be the children's nanny if you like! Hahaha!"

" That's not even remotely funny, what are you laughing for, being a nanny to your children will be my pleasure . However, it will cost you, and you're wealthy CEO a bundle . Hahaha!" Now it's Lea's turn to laugh .

"Friend, you don't need to ask you know that . Whatever i have, except for my husband of course . I will share with you . You know that . " Ann told Lea seriously .

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"I know! I know! You always did in the past, and you still do now . I have been living in luxury because of you, and I will never forget that until I die . " Lea got up from where she was seating, went to Ann and gave her the biggest hug and a light peck on her cheeks .

Ann hugs her friend back and chuckle . " Don't you ever forget that!"

*Knock knock!* Mrs . Lim pokes her head at the door .

"Good morning CEO Wen! Good morning Miss Kuan!" She greeted both of them happily .

"I trust you're both rested and ready to start?"

Ann ' . . . ?'

Lea '???'

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"You out there! You may enter and bring the first batch " Ms . Lim told someone that seems to be waiting outside the door .

When the door opened, a young man and a young woman who looks like an intern came in with a trolley full of boxes . "Where should we put this boxes?" Both said it in unison .

"Just put it over there!" Ms . Lim pointed to the direction of the long table in Ann's room .

"Whoa! wait a minute, what is all this paper? " Lea intervene quickly before the two able to follow the order .

"Oh! It's the first batch of the expenditures from the Marketing Department . " Miss Lim happily replied . "That box there . " Ms . Lim was pointing to the biggest one on the table . "Is the cost sheet, for all the promotions and advertising . "

Ms . Lim walked closer where the boxes located, open one then showed Ann a sample one to check . " You see how detail and clear the way they account for all their expenditure . Director Hao is one of the best we have in Tan Corp . " She was smiling happily while mentioning George Hao's name .

While Mrs . Lim was explaining the detail to Ann, Lea was checking the way Mrs . Lim eyes lit up each time she mentions George Hao name . 'She's infatuated with him, that's for sure' Lea assessed from the way Mrs . Lim spoke . 'Too bad!'

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Suddenly the door opens again, and a burly man walks in with anger showing on his face . Followed with the woman that Ann and Lea encounter at the Cafeteria .

"You! and you! Follow me in my office right now!" He told Ann and Lea while pointing his finger at them . Right behind him, the woman is smirking and glaring at Ann and Lea .

' Let see how you were going to get out of this now . ' The woman was thinking while smiling mischievously .

" Are you talking to me?" Lea asked dumbfounded

"No! I think he's talking to both of us!" Ann intervenes while looking at the man straightface .

" Yes! I'm talking to both of you! Who else could it be when I'm pointing at both of you!" He snarled at both of them .

" Oh! I see!" Ann and Lea said in unison looking at each other .

" Well! Let's go then!" Ann said slowly making her way to the door followed by Lea .

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