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Chapter 117
On the way to the man's office, they encountered Director George Hao who's on the way to Ann's office for a visit .

"Morning everyone!" George greeted with a broad smile showing on his face . " Where are you all headed? I was about to . . . " Did not get to finish his sentence . He was interrupted by Lea .

" Good morning to you too! Director Hao . " We are on the way to his office . Pointing at the man they are following . Then wink .

George understood the signal and stopped what he was about to say .

"It's good that you're here Director Hao, how about coming with us to be a witness . " The man motioned to follow along .

" Huh!" George is now curious as to he needed to witness . "Follow the lead!" Smiling secretly to Ann, Lea and Mrs . Lim

Once they arrived, Ann realizes that this man is the Vice President of Tan Corp . 'Interesting?' Ann thought .

The day Ann became the Interim CEO, the Vice President, and his secretary was busy shopping and galivanting in town . Therefore, they had no idea that Ann is the new Interim CEO .

Inside his office, the Vice President motions to everyone to sit down; no one complies . The all stayed standing waited for his next moved . The secretary slowly walks towards her desk to grab a couple of sheet of papers .

With a nasty looking smile on her, hands Lea and Ann the sheet of paper .

" Read it! Signed and print your name when done . " Speaking very proud .

The president spoke; " By they way Director Hao, Mrs . Lim can be the witness .

" Can you explain what I'm about to witness?" George asked curiously .

"It's a disciplinary action letter to reprimand this two intern for insubordination . " Vice President replied arrogantly .

"So! You called us here to sign this document for what? So we can get fired? And the reason is misconduct behavior and insubordination to a superior? Is . Am'I reading this correct?" Lea is now boisterous while Ann speechless . "You must be kidding me? Hahaha! Are you out of your mind?"

"You!" Pointing at Lea . "How can you speak to me like that? You see! You see! No respect at all!" The is now enraged .

Mrs . Lim who's quietly observing how Ann will handle the situation has a secret smile on her face .

" Vice President! That's who you are right? What is your name by the way?" Ann asked professionally . " I believe we were never properly introduced, same as with this lady here . " Ann was looking at the secretary .

"No need for introduction, you will be heading out the door anytime soon anyway . Just sign the damn paper will you!" The secretary sarcastically told Ann .

" Lady! I advise you to be careful what you say in front of this one her" Lea inform the secretary while looking at Ann .

"Hmmp! Ya! right!" The secretary did not care .

Ann still waiting for the VP to reply to her inquiry . "Whenever you're ready I'm ready to listen for what reason I'm receiving this letter . "

" Didn't you read it? Why are you still asking me? It clearly said what's the reason .

" But it says we're reprimand for insubordination to our superior . Who exactly is this superion your talking about?" Ann now agitated and had enough of the fiasco .

"You have the guts to ask! isn't it clear that the superior is me!" The secretary intervenes and yelled at Ann .

"Are you sure about that? You are sure that you're my superior? Make sure, because if you're not sure; You might end up losing your job over this and get sued for slander . " Ann warned her .

"Hahaha! You a mere intern can't accept that I'm your superior . Of course, my position is higher than of yours it means I'm your superior . " The secretary keeps on insisting that she's above Ann .

"Hahaha!" Now it's Lea's turn to laugh at loud while pointing at the secretary . "You are out of your mind girl, do you know who are you talking too?"

By this time, the secretary is now very upset due to Lea laughing at her .

She charged towards the two and raised her hand and was about to slap Lea; When Ann grabs her hand and hit her face hard in turn .

Everyone in the room stunned and are speechless for what had happened .

The Vice President stand up and about to charged Ann when George moved like lightning and protected Ann and end up getting slap instead . *PAK!* Is all everyone heard?

Silent eerie is what had come next . No one moved, and no one says anything at first . Then the VP started apologizing to George .

"VP, I'm not the person you need to apologize too, it's this person right here if you don't want to become unemployed today . " George Hao warned the Vice President of Tan Corporation .

"Me! Apologize to this no one! I, the Vice President of this company will apologize to this person? No way!" He angrily yells for all to hear .

"Alright! don't say I didn't warn you . " George mumble then turned to Ann .

"Are you alright CEO Wen?" George asked Ann respectfully .

The secretary and the Vice President heard George Hao said to Ann . Both were dumbfounded and speechless . They finally realized who's Ann .

"Lea, Director Hao, Mrs . Lim . Will you all follow me to my office . " Ann told them without batting an eye .

"You and You! do not follow me, start preparing your resignation letter . Either way, I will recommend to the board your dismissal . Ann informed the Vice President with a determined voice .

" By the way; Do you! Now, know who I am?" Ann turns, and walk out .