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Chapter 118
The Vice President and his secretary were speechless . Who would have thought that A young woman as such could be the Interim CEO? Suddenly a thought came to the Vice President;

" Where did you get your information that they were an intern? Did you check with the Human resource or you assumed?"

"Well, I asked around if they had seen them come in today, and since I don't know their name, I could only give a description . They told me that two interns went to the Interim CEO office, and when I saw them there . . . you know the rest . " The secretary replied

"Well, it's now too late to backtrack . Well, there's no turning back now, it already happened . "

However, the Vice President was not ready to give up his position without a fight .

"I don't care who she is; there's no way that a nobody like her who just popped out of nowhere, can get rid of me . Let see who will be turning in resignation after I'm finished" The Vice president told his Secretary .

The Secretary embraced the Vice President happily . "I know you can do it . And worst come to worst you can always get rid of her as you did with the CEO . Hahaha!"

"Hmmm! Come to think of it, your right! I can arrange for her demise just the same with how I got rid of Albert Tan . Hahaha! You're smarter than me!"


Ann had enough of all that's happening within Tan Corporation . It's a child game, and she has no time to play . What's important right is to put the Company on track so she can go back to her career .

George Hao followed them into Ann's office . Once they were inside, he couldn't help himself any longer and asked a question . " What was that all about? How did it come about that you became an Intern? Why didn't you corrected them when they were here in your office?" George rapidly asks back to back .

"Wooh! Hold up! Slow down, one question at the time . Why don't you make your self-comfortable and will talk alright!" Ann smiled at him so sweet not realizing that it's creating havoc in George poor heart .

'Please! stop smiling like that; I can only restrain myself for too long . ' He keeps telling himself .

" By the way, I sent all the documents you had requested . If you don't mind me asking . Why do you need them?"

" I'm doing an internal audit starting with the upper Management . I was asked by CEO Tan to look into this matter . " Ann replied nonchalantly .

" I see! But what is your plan once you find something? Are you planning on restructuring or not sure yet?" He's wondering what's Ann's planning .

"Right now! All I want is to check the financial status of the Corporation . How much cash flow we have, Overhead cost, etc . etc . Then I will consult with CEO Go what to do afterward . "

"CEO Go? Why would you need to consult him? What does Tan Corporation have to do with Mega International World Group? They are two different entity . " George is now concern that Ann will be working closely with a man like Jeff .

" Well! Apart from being a shareholder, CEO Go had guaranteed his service to Tan Corporation while I'm the Interim CEO . That's part of the deal for the Board of Directors to accept me . " Ann replied sadly .

"Why do I have a feeling that you're not happy about it? Do you not like CEO Go?" ' hoping that she doesn't like him . ' Have you two met before? I saw his pictures in the one of the Magazine, and he's a very handsome man . "

George is watching Ann's reaction to his question and comment . Unfortunately, Ann is an excellent poker player . He will not be able to tell if she's bluffing or not just from looking at her beautiful face .

Ann looks at George straight in the eye . " I do know him, and It is not that I'm unhappy that his shadowing me, it's because of something else . "

The whole time Ann and George were having the conversation, Lea was doing a live feed to Ronald and Jeff, every bit of it without them knowing . 'Let see what Mr . CEO think about this now . Hahaha!''

"Well! If there's anything you I can do to help, I meant anything . Just say the word, and I'm at your command . Your Highness!" He then bows playfully .

" Thank you! What I do appreciates that you're with the Company . Knowing there's someone I can trust and ready to give me a hand, gives me a peace of mind . " Ann then got up and hugs George Hao without malice, and he hugs her back in return smiling to himself .

Jeff, who's currently having a meeting with his employee saw what's happening in Ann's office . Thank's to Lea's broadcasting the whole thing .


Mega International World Group Headquarter:

Jeff was quietly listening to someone detailing the situation regarding M/V Serene current situation . At the same time, he's watching everything through his cellphone without anyone knowing . Unfortunately, Jeff can't hear what they were talking about . He cannot turn the volume for other's will know what he's doing .

"The Sea Pirates had given their demand, Twenty-One Million USD in exchange for the life of Twenty-One crew members . One Million for each person and we must response asap . " The negotiator informs them .

"That's a lot of money!" One person comment .

"But the lives of those crew are all in danger if we don't cooperate . " Another one response .

Jeff who's too absorb watching his wife's interaction with George Hao suddenly spoke; "Give them what they want, prepare the money asap . Lives are at stake here, payment needs to be made to ensure their safety . If nothing else? Meeting adjourn"

"Ronald!!! prepare the car we are going to Tan Corporation!" Jeff is now steaming and ready to kill whoever wanted to covet what belongs to him . And that person is George Hao . Thanks to Lea!