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Chapter 119

Ronald already prepared that car ahead of time . He already knows what will happen once the meeting adjourn . He's always one step ahead of Jeff, thanks to Lea's intel .

Everyone in the meeting room was speechless with Jeff's announcement . He didn't even bat an eye when he ordered them to ready Twenty-One Million dollars . He ordered them to prepare the cash like it's only Twenty-one UDS instead of Twenty-One Million USD .

"Come to think of it, CEO Go is right, lives at stake here . The money we can make again . However, we cannot replace the lives of those crew member if anything happens to them . " One person said .

"Thank God! Our CEO is not a heartless man . He values what's important, which is his people over money . " A happy employee was praising Jeff for his deed .


Jeff and Ronald arrive at Tan Corporation in a heartbeat . They went straight to Ann's office like a raging bull ready to kill .

As soon as Mrs . Lim saw them coming, she punches the intercom to Ann's office to inform her ahead of time .

Ann smiles when she hears that Jeff is on the way . "Lea helps me clear out some of this file, please! We have company . "

"Yes! boss, I'm on it . " Secretly smiling for what she did .

George Hao had long gone and went back to his own office . Does not know his a target by an unknown assailant eating vinegar .

" Good day! CEO Go, Ronald . " Mrs . Lim greets them as they were walking towards Ann's Office .

"Should I announce you?" She asks curiously .

"No need!" Jeff gruffly replied and went straight to Ann's office without knocking .

'Why should I let you announce my presence, so she can prepare herself no way!' Jeff thought still eating vinegar .

"Hi! Honey, what's up? What are you doing here? I thought you have an urgent situation right now?" Ann was asking all the questions while slowly making her way towards Jeff .

Jeff looks around to see where that man he saw on the video before replying .

" Oh! I just finished, and I thought you could probably use some of my expertise . " 'You think I will tell you the truth why I'm here' "So, how's your day going?" Coming close to Ann, embracing her and kissing her soundly .

"CEO Go! Stop it! Where in the office you know . What if someone walks in on us . What would they think . "

"Sweetheart! I don't think anyone would dare just barge in here an announce, don't worry alright!" Pulling Ann to the sofa to sit with him .

"Someone just did this morning if you must know . But I took care of it!" She proudly informed Jeff while pushing him further away from her . Jeff didn't like that and pulled her back closer to him .

"Who would have guts to just barge Into the CEO office unannounced? Does this person have a deathwish or what? Good thing you took care of him" Jeff thinking it was George that Ann's talking about . He was smiling smugly .

"By the way, didn't you said that you meet a Senior of your in College? Which department is he working? I want to meet him . "

"Oh! It's too bad; he was just here a couple of minutes ago offering help if I needed . You just missed him; I will let him know next time . " Ann's is now looking at Jeff suspiciously .

"Jeff, tell me the truth, did you come just now because you were close by or in purpose?"

" The truth? I was in a meeting when suddenly it occurs to me that you might need my help . I was not here yesterday on your first day . So I thought I come by . That's the truth . " Jeff looks at his wife with a poker face .

" You Sure? You swear?" Ann asks still suspicious of Jeff true purpose .

Jeff put his fingers cross before answering " I swear! cross my heart and hope to die . "

" Alright! I believe you . " "By the way, I need your advice on something if you got time?" Ann got up and went to where all the stocks of paper in the table .

" You see all these boxes of files . It's expenditures reports of various departments . I want to audit them Internally . How should I go about it?" Waiting for Jeff opinion .

"Don't clutter your office with this, let me make a call and will let someone handle this and provide you report when done . " Jeff took out his cell phone and made a call .

While Jeff was on the phone talking, Director George Hao came knocking .

" Annie! I mean CEO Wen! If you have no plan for lunch later how about we go together?"

"Oh! I didn't know you have company . Sorry!" He was about to turn around and close the door when Jeff suddenly stopped from speaking on the phone, got up from where he was seating .

Walked towards George Hao standing tall and proud .

When Jeff was almost right in front of George, he started assessing the competition . Only when he's finally finished, then he spoke; " Hello! You must be the Senior that CEO Wen mentioned . ?" Without introducing himself .

"Hello! Yes! I'm CEO Wen's Senior in College . How do you do! The name is George Hao . " Extended his hand to Jeff .

Jeff was contemplating 'should I introduce myself as the CEO of Mega International World Group or as Ann's husband . Just when he had decided to inform he's rival that Ann is his wife .

"By the way, Thank you for offering to shadow Annie, She still green and needed a lot of guidance . Hope you treat her well . Right, Annie?" Looking at Ann with a sweet smile on his lips .

'Annie? What did this bastard just called my wife? Annie? I will show you who is Annie to me!'

"You don't have to thank me, Senior Hao, rest assure that I will take care of my WIFE!" Jeff announced proudly .

Ann; "Jeff Go!!!"

George; '^-^ . '

Ronald/Lea; "Way to go Jeff!"