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Chapter 120

"Jeff Go! What are you doing?" Terror overtook Ann's face glared at her husband then glanced up to the ceiling shaking her head .

"What? What did I say wrong? Are you? or are you not my wife?" His expression hardened, a vein popped out in his neck and sadness clouded Jeff's features .

"Well! . . " Ann frowned her cheek turning pink with embarrassment looks at the direction of George Hao .

George's face is indescribable after what he had heard . Realization dawned to him, and the color drained out of his face; While Deep in his thoughts . 'CEO Jeff Go is Ann's husband, and I'm trying to mark his territories . What a joke! Here is a man that can trample the lowly me in a heartbeat without making an effort . '

Lea and Ronald both have sparkles on their eyes chuckling in secrets .

"What did I say, it won't be long our big boss Jeff will mark his territory and bark at anyone try to covet what belongs to him . Hahaha!" Lea laughed out loud .

" Hahaha! You are right one hundred percent . It seems you can read Jeff correctly . " Ronald joined her laughter with sadness in his eyes . 'Why don't you try reading me instead of someone else man . ' He thought .

George Hao still dumbfounded, excused himself and left in a flash . He's still trying to comprehend what he had just learned, too much information for his weak heart to handle . ' Now is not the time to ask the detail, maybe another time when CEO Go is not around . I will find out then?' His forehead creased and eyebrows knitted, sigh then continued towards the Marketing department .

Once George was gone on site, Ann scowled Jeff for what he had divulged to poor George Hao .

Looking at Jeff, a line appeared between her brows . " What's you did uncalled for; you know that right? You didn't have to give him a heart attack you know . You could have introduced yourself without letting him know about our relationships that way . "

Jeff scratches his head and sheepishly apologize; " I'm sorry! I happen to drink a gallon of vinegar once I saw him hugging you earlier . "

"What did you say?" Ann squeezed her eye shut; it suddenly dawns to her that he's been spying on her . "Is it Lea?" Ann asked before turning to the direction where Lea and Ronald were trying to be inconspicuous .

Jeff's eyes widened when he realizes the mistake his done . He accidentally blurted out their secret . 'They are in trouble now! I better find a way to appease her anger before a bloodbath occurs . ' "Oh! it's almost lunchtime!" Jeff quickly changes the subject .

"Why don't we all go out and eat at this famous restaurant downtown . I heard they have your favorite food, what do say?" Jeff's eyes bore into his wife waiting eagerly for her answer .

Ann raised a brow before glaring at him, storm out of the room without replying .

"Sweetheart! I'm sorry! I was not spying on you! I . . . Don't know what comes over me alright!" Jeff following his wife begging for forgiveness, not realizing he looks so out of place .