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Chapter 121

Ann is distraught that they all gang up on her . She understands that Jeff's worried that she's having a hard time on her second day and he can't accompany her . But, to go that extent of doing video surveillance . It reached her limit .

"I'm sorry! I was just concerned you know?" Jeff still following her .

" That's not the point! My point is . You and that two . " Pointing where Lea and Ronald were watching the scene unfold in their naked eye .

"How would you feel if you're in my shoes?" Tear's glistening Ann's beautiful green eye, about ready to fall .

"Ok! I would be pissed too! But hear me out alright . Is not like . . . " Jeff did not get to finished what he's about to say . Ann had walk-in to the ladies room and slam the door on him .

When Jeff tries to open the door, he found it locked from the inside . He has no choice but to stand guard outside the ladies room and wait patiently . ' If she doesn't forgive me, I will be in the doghouse tonight for sure . ' Jeff thought .

Jeff's pretty lucky that no one sees him right now . 'If any of his subordinates see their CEO standing guard outside the ladies room, he will be a laughing stock for sure . '

Well at least, that's what he thought, that no one saw him . Ronald, Lea and Mrs . Lim all having a stomach ache from laughing hard due to Jeff looking like a teenager waiting for his crush .

A minute passes by; there's still no Ann . Jeff is now starting to worry . " Sweetheart! are you alright? Can you open the door, please! pretty please!"

Lea; "Hahaha!"

Ronald" Hahaha!"

Mrs . Lim: Hahaha!"

All three laughed in unison, and Jeff heard them . He gave them a killer look with a warning . And they stopped scared of consequences .

After what seems to be an eternity, Ann finally opens the door . " Oh! My God!" Stunned the Jeff is still right outside the door waiting for her .

"What in the world you're doing CEO Go . Do you not realized how ridiculous you look right now? Don't you even care about your image? You're a CEO for God sake! If anyone sees you standing there, you will be a laughing stock . " Ann said half smiling and about to burst into laughter .

"So you also think I'm funny? I can see you're just holding it in and wanted to laugh at me like those three idiots over there . " He pointed with his mouth twisted toward the direction of the three .

"Oh! Forget it, let's get something to eat . You said there's a famous Restaurant that has all my favorite food right? If so! Let go then I'm famished, I did not get to eat breakfast this morning . No thanks to someone . " Ann is talking about Jeff who had to have a second round right when she's about to sit down and eat .

Jeff was elated that Ann seems to have forgiven him, maybe? " Ronald, Lea Let's go!" He ordered the two happily and guided his wife back to her office to get her things .


The restaurant location is at the center of the downtown area . Ann was awestruck when she saw the ambiance; It's breathtaking . A bar welcomes the customer as they enter, and to the right is a big aquarium with all live seafood from lobster to a blue crab and variety of fish they can choose .

The theme and concept of the restaurant are excellent . Customer chooses from the live seafood; it's cook the way a customer wants .

They ushered their group to a VIP section of the restaurant . Jeff and Ann were seated in a table for two, and Ronald and Lea have their table for two as well . The scene in the VIP room is more like a double date in the process .

Once seated they were given a hot towel to cleanse their hand . Ann was waiting for a menu so she can choose what she wants to eat . To her shock, not a minute after they sit down, they served the appetizer followed with a soup and salad . 'That was a quick service?' Ann thought .

Jeff was watching in amazement how beautiful his wife the way she eats her soup . Elegant, exquisite, table manner perfect a real lady to the core .

"What do you think so far?" Jeff asks Ann curiously .

"Not bad! this place is beautiful; If I ever have my restaurant, I would want it to look like this . " She replied sheepishly .

"Hmmm! That's great then! Because this restaurant is yours!"Jeff announced proudly .

Lea who's currently eating her hot soup almost choke and spit the soup in her mouth to Ronald's face seating across her . "What did he just said?" Asks Ronald with wide-eyed not believing what she heard .