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Chapter 122
Ann almost did the same thing as Lea when she heard what Jeff said . However, she was able to swallow the hot soup first before it got spit out to Jeff's face . She wiped her mouth first before she speaks . " What do you mean it's mine? " Ann expression brightens .

"Well! This restaurant belongs to the Group along with branches all over the world . If you want this restaurant, then I will give it to you, so it's yours as long as you want it . " Jeff smiles while studying Ann's reaction .

"Oh! That's what you mean . Hahaha! You almost had me there . " Ann raised a brow then grinned .

"I am a serious sweetheart! If you want this restaurant, It's yours!" Jeff proudly told her without blinking an eye .

"No! No! I don't want it; I only said that if I ever have one . Only If, It does not mean I want one alright . " She sweetly declines and continued eating .

Jeff grabs Ann hand and looks her in the eye . "Well! Offer is in good standing . All is your's including me!" Jeff said it with love in his eyes .

Ann was speechless; she doesn't know what to say after that speech . The emotion is too much for her to express in word . When she couldn't think of a word to say, she did what a typical wife would do at that moment .

She pulled her hands from where Jeff was holding . Put it on his face, look him straight in his eye with tears shimmered in her eyes without saying anything . Then . . . Kissed him so lovingly like it's her last breath and she's dying at the moment . No other words are needed, they understand each other very well .

The two on the other side of the room wasn't paying attention to the couple that's all emotional; Their focus was on the steak and lobster that was in front of them and of course each other .

"I wonder if all the food in other branches around the world tastes the same?" Lea mumbled to herself .

Ronald; "Hmmm! It looks delicious . " However, he's not talking about the food . He's looking at Lea's lips while eating .

Lunch was excellent; both parties had enjoyed their meal with their prospective partners .

Unfortunately, reality comes quickly . Jeff received a call from the Investigator regarding the result of the fire that occurs in Korea . It means he will need to fly back to Korea asap .

On the way back to Tan Corporation in the back seat of Jeff car . " Sweetheart! You told me that I need to inform you of my schedule so you can accompany me . Does it still stand?" Jeff was asking sadness is visible on his eye .

Ann looks for a moment, then replied . "What if it is?" with concern in her voice .

" I have to fly back to Korea tomorrow . Just for a couple of days, and I will be back as soon as I'm able to clear the situation . Do you want to come? or can you come?" Jeff is hoping that she can accompany him, but he knows better . He's a CEO after all, and so as His wife .

Ann thought it through carefully . But in the end, she had to let him go by himself . She has responsibility at Tan Corporation as much as Jeff has with Mega Intl Group . That's understood .

Though they do not want to be apart with each other, however, in the real world of Business CEO hold the most responsibility . Is just so happen that both of them are CEO — business first before pleasure .