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Chapter 123

The Mr . and Mrs . CEO had a wonderful, lovely lunch date along with their Assistants . It's time to go back to reality . Ann and Lea were dropped off back to the Tan Corporation while Jeff and Ronald went back to Mega Intl . Group .

Jeff had to finish gathering the funds needed to redeem the crew of M/V Serene . Twenty-one Million USD deposited to the untraceable account of the Sea Pirates within twenty-four hours . For safety precautions, no news ever leaked to the public in regards to the hijacking that occurred and the ransom that paid for the lives of the crew members .

The next day, all crew members of M/V Serene were released, all of the twenty-one crew was replaced and sent for evaluation before sending them back home to their loved ones .

The M/V Serene continued operations as nothing happened .


Ann told Lea and Mrs . Lim to ensure all Management submits the required documents she requested by the end of the day . All complied except for the Vice President .

" Lea, contact the Accounting Department and ask them to send us all files pertaining the Vice President expenditure asap . " ' He thinks he can hide it from me; he got another thing coming . I will find out everything, and when I finish; You and your hussy are histories . ' Ann thought eyes twinkling with delight .

By the end of the day, Ann's office is full of boxes after boxes . Ready for the External Auditor to pick-up the next day .

"Mrs . Lim, please! make sure this door is locked and have a guard to watch overnight . It's better to be safe than sorry, understand?" Ann gave the order sternly .

"Yes! CEO Wen . "

"Thank you!" Ann smiled with respect then left for the day .


[Go Mansion]

After a long day from the office, the couple finally has a relaxing moment . 'Same routine' Jeff seating on the sofa, while Ann lay her head on his lap resting .

" Tomorrow, the External Auditor that I hired will be arriving to collect all the documents . Be very careful from now on; enemies will be abundant . Ensure not to let it leak out before they have a chance to collect all the necessary data . This way if someone is hiding something, they will not be able to dispose of it, you understand . " Jeff was giving a pointer to his wife .

"I know! You don't have to remind me; I have it all under control alright! Continue your reading so we can soon go to bed . " Ann replied yawning . "I'm so exhausted, no thanks to someone . " Her pouted mouth was pointing to Jeff while rolling her eyes .

"I hope you're not talking about me? As far as I can recall, I'm not the one who started it . " He said it with eyes full of burning desire gazing at the cleavage in front of him .

"By the way, after the External Auditor picks-up all the documents tomorrow, Lea and I will visit one of the branches, to do some checking . " Ann informs him with a sleepy eye . Not knowing her husband had stopped from reading and now has her full attention .

"Be careful, the investigation is not over yet; they have not apprehended the culprit that caused CEO Tan and Claudia's accident . It worries me because I'm not there to protect you . " He's caressing Ann's arms as he speaks .

"Let Ronald know your full schedule so he can arrange a Jet for your disposal if you needed to fly out alright," Jeff said it nonchalant .

Ann stands up from Jeff's lap, give him a kiss goodnight . " I know! We will be careful I promise! And I don't need a Jet on standby, I can ask Lea to arrange one if needed . You are spoiling me too much, and I love it! However, for now, I will go to bed first . " Ann, yawned then slowly moving toward their bedroom upstairs .

Jeff put down the document he was reading and rushed to catch up with his wife . Once he reaches her, pick her and carried her to their bedroom . Husband and wife went to do another one bite to dust . [Snu-Snu Time with no detail this time . ] Baby on the making .