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Chapter 124

Tan Corporation :

Midnight while the guard on duty is taking his smoke break outside the building . Unknown to him that the office his supposedly guarding had been breached .

A man wearing a full-face mask entered from the rooftop to the CEO office through one of the windows . He used a laser type glass cutter and created a hole large enough for him to enter inconspicuously . Once inside the building, he turned on the headlamp and started searching through the files and files of boxes .

After what it seems to be an eternity, he's still unsuccessful in finding what he needs to recover . 'It's not right; I must see those files or else it will be my hide . Vice President is not to mess with, or my family will pay the price . ' The man is now getting agitated by the minute .

Suddenly, he heard a sound from the other side of the door . The guard was talking on the phone and seems to be trying to find a key to open the door .

The man brow knitted and he squeezed his eyes shut . 'He needed to do something before that person finds the key to open the door . If he's seen his families life are over along with his . '

He then remembers what the Vice President told him . "If you're unable to find the file, then burn the whole office if you must . " He opened up the backpack he had carried with him and look for the one-liter bottle of kerosene he brought with him just in case this happens .

He rapidly starts pouring kerosene to all the boxes and lit it up . Once the fire began engulfing the files of papers, he rushed out of the same windows where he entered .

The guard was almost engulfed along with the files of documents when he finally opened the door . Luckily his reflex was quick; he was able to shut the door immediately once he realizes that the office was on fire .

He immediately went to where the fire alarm located and pulled it to let the surveillance people know what happens .


Jeff and Ann was sound sleep from the aftermath of their lovemaking . Suddenly, Ann phone started buzzing . *Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz* Jeff heard it and contemplated should he pick it up as to not to wake his wife or let it go and continue sleeping . *Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz*

Ann finally heard it as well, she broke free from Jeff's embrace and reached out to the end table to answer the call . " Hello! Yes! I'm CEO Wen, may ask who's calling?" She looks at the time and saw it's after midnight .

"Do you know what time it is?" Still in a state of sleepiness .

"CEO Wen, this is the Captain of the surveillance team from Tan Corp . I'm sorry to call at this hour, but there's an emergency" He informed her nervously .

"What did you say! An emergency? What kind of emergency?" Ann is now wide awake .

"Clarify the situation, please! What emergency are you talking about?" The concern is now visible on Ann's face .

Jeff is now also wide awake after hearing the question Ann was asking the person in the other line .

He got up from the bed to find his cell phone and made a call himself .

"Yes! check it out, see what kind of assistance you can provide until we arrive . " Jeff had contacted Ronald to handle the situation .

After hanging up the phone, Jeff rings the intercom " Get a car ready asap, will be down in five . " He was speaking to the head of the bodyguard assigned to protect Ann .

Just as Ann was finishing speaking on the phone, Jeff had her clothes ready and some steaming hot drinks on top of the bedside table .

"Get up and wash up, I already contacted Ronald to go ahead of us to check on the status . He will keep us update on the way . " Jeff told Ann anxiously .

Ann slowly prepares herself to go like there's no emergency happening at the moment . Jeff forehead creased and a line appeared between his brow .

"Sweetheart, you know there's an emergency; Right? I'm curious if there's something your not telling me?" Jeff sat down by the bed and grabs his wife to sit on his lap . "Speak! I know something is going on that you're not telling me . "

Ann just smiled at her husband, slightly mushes his hair, kiss his sweet lips, then whispered to his ear . " Don't worry! I got it under control . " Ann, smiled mischievously .

" I will tell you on the way alright! Let's get ready . " Ann got up from Jeff's lap and continued where she left off .

Within five minutes Jeff, Ann and the Team of bodyguards were on the way to Tan Corporation .