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Chapter 125
On the way to Tan Corporation, Jeff's uneasy and couldn't wait until he finds out what's going on with his wife . 'What's under control that she mean by that? *Ding!* Hahaha! I know what she's talking about . Hahaha!' Jeff is laughing within his thought not realizing that Ann was watching him the whole time .

"You just realized what I'm talking about right? Let see if you guessed it correctly . " Ann is now playfully coaxing Jeff .

" I'll wait and see; we're almost there anyway . I will soon find out . " Jeff stuck his nose in the air and playfully rolled his eyes .


Grandpa Go Mansion:

The old man was sound asleep in the comfort of his bed when suddenly he wakens sweat on his forehead was pouring, it's from a nightmare, and it's so vivid he can still recall it .

It was the time when he first met the young grandmother Tan . He had fallen in love at first sight [run's in the family] she was wearing a pink dress, sleeveless with printed flowers on it . She was wearing a hat on her short length straight hair when the wind suddenly blew away the hat from her head .

Grandpa Go was quick to catch it and return it to her like a hero . He was so shy to ask her name and just smiled shyly .

Grandma Tan was in town on holiday with her family . She was instantly captivated with Grandpa Go's shy smile . She didn't waste time and introduced herself to the shy young Grandpa Go . They had a short love interaction: Grandma Tan and her family left in a rush .

Grandma Tan left a note to a friend to give to Grandpa Go . [ Wait for me, I will come back!] In his dream he had waited and waited, but she never did return as promised like in reality .

The odd thing about his dream that he cannot understand was the face of the woman in his vision was not Grandma Tan . Instead, it was the face of that woman Joanna Wen who's not even related to the Tan by blood .

Grandpa Go got up and drunk some water, then started planning to visit the Tan the next day . He needed answers, and the best way to obtain them is from the primary source — his dear Grandma Tan .


Albert Tan Hospital VIP room:

Albert Tan is looking much better now, his bruised body and face started to heal . The battered-looking Albert is now almost back to his old handsome self . It will not take long with his recovery rate, within a Month, he will be able to go back running the Tan Corporation .

Grandma Tan was seating in the VIP waiting room sulking . It had been a couple of days already, and she has not lain her eyes on her beautiful granddaughter yet . On top of that, she's been trying to contact the Hospital where Claudia supposedly been transferred but no one answering .

'Maybe I should try contacting Sophia . Oh! I can't she's doing a tour right now, and I don't know the time difference wherever she might be . ' Feeling depressed and lonely, Grandma Tan decided to contact Grandpa Go instead to invite him for Tea .

"Hello! It's me, Grandma Tan . Are you busy?" She asked enthusiastically .

"No! I'm not . I'm getting ready right now, preparing to visit you! What's up? Do you need me to bring you something?" He asked so lovingly .

"Nothing . I was a bit down, and I thought about you, and here we are talking on the phone . " Grandma Tan replied with sadness in her voice .

"Well! As I said, I'm getting ready now . I will be there the soonest . So, cheer up alright! Is not good making yourself worry sick . Got to go, bye!"

Grandpa Go was whistling the whole time he was getting ready, so happy that his heart is beating fast . [ not having another attack, just in love]

Grandpa Go and Assistant Ron arrived at the hospital in no time . Grandpa Go has a lot of energy with the thought of seeing his first love . He was walking pretty steady without the help of Ron .

Ron was shaking his head as he follows the old man making his way to the elevator by himself .

'Whoever you are Joanna Wen, whatever might your relationship be with the Tan, The truth will be revealed today . One way or the other . '

Once he arrives at the VIP waiting room, he rushed towards Grandma Tan and sat down next to her .

"How are you? All is fine with you right?" Trying to make small talk with Grandma Tan to open the question and answer portion .

"I'm fine! As you can see, healthy but unhappy . " She replied sadly .

"Don't do that; you will make yourself sick . We are too old for that . "

Grandma Tan got up to the table and poured some water from the pitcher and hand it over to Grandpa Go .

"Thank you! Sit! Sit!, I have a question, and I'm hoping to get an answer today . " He asked curiously .

"That girl that was here not long ago, what was her name?" He acted like his thinking .

" Ah! Got it! Joanna Wen! That's the name . I'm curious as to what is her relationships with your family? Her resemblance to you is uncanny, and I needed to know, or I'll die from curiosity .

"Ah!!! Joanna Wen . . . Well!"