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Chapter 126
Tan corporation was in chaos when they arrived . Fire Truck was lined up at the front of the building, and news reporters are all over the place . They need to find a way to be conspicuous .

Luckily Tan corporation has underground parking; they were able to go in without being seen .

Ann wore blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a cap . She hides the long reddish hair within the short black wig she usually wore when she goes to work .

Even if anyone run across them, no one will know that she's also Ann Wen the celebrity .

They arrived at the floor of her office without a hitch what they saw devastated Ann . The whole level is wet from the sprinkler, the office smells like smoke, and on top of that, all the document are crisp and burnt; She had a stunned look on her face when suddenly, Ann started laughing for no apparent reason .

"Hahaha!" Everyone turned to look at Ann who's now hysterically laughing .

"Sweetheart! Are you alright? I know it looks bad now, but once it's cleaned up, it will be alright . "

Jeff is trying to console his wife who's now bending while laughing .

"Hahaha! Hahaha!"Oh! My stomach hurt, Ann exclaim .

Jeff along with all the bodyguards has their mouth wide open confused what's going on with Ann .

When Ann finally realized that she looks silly laughing by herself . She straightened herself up and acted seriously .

"I'm sorry! It's too hilarious, and I can't stop myself from laughing . " Ann looked apologetically to everyone . "Don't worry I'm not going crazy yet," Then winked .

Jeff walked around the office guiding his wife being protective . He then ordered all the bodyguard to check the surrounding in case the culprit still in the facility .

"Make sure that you all don't touch anything . An investigation has not started yet; We don't want to disturb any evidence . " Jeff told the bodyguards that are with them .

" Yes! Boss!" The group of bodyguard replied unison .

"Why are they not here yet? " Ann asked Jeff .


"The surveillance team? Aren't they supposed to meet with us and report?"

"Oh! I had Ronald handle it already, and Lea's probably with him . They will report to us once they finish .

"Why didn't you say so!" She stretches her arms, twists her waist to the left, then to the right, then bend and touch her toe . [stretching her tired body] " Let's leave then . " The smell of smoke is killing me . " Ann started coughing afterward .

Jeff slightly smiled for the way his wife acts in front of him . When she's around other people, she's prim and proper, but around him, she shows her true self without worrying about what he thought .

They left the building the same way they came in . Once inside the safety of the car, Jeff finally asked Ann; " What is it that made you laugh so hard earlier? Can you share it with me?"

"Well if you must know . I planted all those documents for the Vice President . And he fell for it dumb ass!" She replied with a grin on her face .

" I requested two sets of all the documents, one in hard copies and another one digitally . Except I did not let the Vice President department knows; Before leaving yesterday, I had it expressed delivered to the external auditor you hired for security measures . An I was right, he did what I thought he would . " Ann proudly told Jeff grinning from ear to ear for her accomplishment .

"I knew it! I was right in thinking that you had done that and that's why your not worried that all the document burnt to ashes . Hahaha!" Now it's Jeff's turn to laugh .

"So! Now we will wait for the report from the external auditor, and hope that we also catch the culprit that did this, then what?" Jeff is playing innocently and acting stupid in front of his wife .

[Jeff had already contacted his Private Investigator to check on the Vice President's activity . Once he has solid proof, he will present it to his wife and let his wife kiss that old gizzard's butt goodbye . Ann doesn't know about this, and he's acting in front of her asking her question . ]

"I will be suggesting to the board to strip him of his position; I found out from an Intel that He comes from CEO Tan's dead wife's family; Ann announced proudly .

"The Vice President had no blood ties with Tan Corp . at all . And on top of that, he only holds a couple of percent in shares in which amount to nothing . '

" You got the point there, let me know if you need my help . Just say the word, and I will come running alright!" Now it's Jeff's turn to grin from ear to ear .