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Chapter 127

Hospital VIP waiting room:

Grandpa Go eagerly waiting for Grandma Tan's reply in regards to his question about Joanna Wen .

"Joanna Wen? Well, she is a relative from America as you know . When Albert was involved with the accident, and we found out we needed help with Tan Corporation, we had to bring her in to step in while Albert's recuperating . " Grandma Tan was feeling uneasy lying, but she has no choice at the moment .

"Oh! I see, and the relationships are?" Grandpa Tan still hoping to get a much clearer answer to his suspicions .

"Well . . . Unfortunately, I was cautioned not to divulge any information as of yet until we have a chance to speak with Joanna Herself . Hope you understand . " Grandma Tan was trying her best to answer politically .

"All right! I'll accept that for now, but I will get my answer sooner or later .

It seems that this relative of yours and my grandson Jeff has some relationship . Moreover, there's that pending union between our family that as of now had not commenced . " Grandpa Go excitedly informed Grandma Tan of his suspicion .

"I know! I know! Also, I do feel bad about it, but you know the situation with my granddaughter Claudia . She's currently in America for recuperation, and the best Plastic Surgeon is there as well . She should come back as beautiful as before the accident . "

"Oh! I'm not talking about that now! As I had mentioned, It seems that your Joanna have a relationship with my Jeff and if that is the case, the union between our family still have a possibility . What do you think about that?

"Hmmm? That's a possibility that we can consider, but we would need to speak with both of them first . " Grandma Tan felt relief that Grandpa Go is not against Joanna and Jeff being together .

"How about this, before my 60th birthday, how about we have family dinner together first at my home . Mrs . Tan and Ceo Tan should be able to attend then . This way we can discuss the children's future .

'Hehe! Not bad! Not bad at all! If my hunch is correct, those two are already married . Pretty soon a cute great-grandchild should be popping out . Hehe!' Grandpa Go excitedly thinking about the future .


Ann's Condominium:

"Why are you moving back there? Moreover, why am I being left here and not accompanying you? It's not fair, you said for better or worst . Did you forget about that?" Lea's pouting her lips with glistening tears falling down her beautiful face .

Ann embraces her best friend and tries to coax her into stop crying . " Think! The whole condominium is at your disposal . You can bring a man to stay over, and lastly, I'm letting you have the use of the master bedroom which has a huge jacuzzi . " Ann was laughing while she's thinking of her friend and Ronald together .

"So! That's it? You're playing house with that hunk and announcing it to the whole world? " Lea irritated and didn't like the idea .

" What about your career? Are you even still considering it or you already changed your mind . ?" She asked Ann with a dull expression .

"How many time do I need to tell you, I'm not retiring yet! It has not even begun, why would I want to retire! In due time! Understood?" Now it's Ann to be irritated with Lea's childish behavior .

Lea senses that her best friend is getting irritated, so she tightened her embrace and whispered to Ann's ear . "I only have one request, for your first child, boy or girl the name has to take after me, and I'm the only Godmother . I'm not sharing with anyone else . Understood!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! To all your demand . Are you happy now?" Ann released Lea from her embrace and kicked her from the behind . " Go start transferring your things to the master bedroom .

"Friend! Be happy ok! That's all I can say . " Lea told Ann .

Ann received a call from her Grandmother Tan . An invitation to a dinner along with a boyfriend . ' A boyfriend? How about a husband instead . ' She thought about telling Grandma Tan, instead, she had to make an excuse that his not in the Country and cannot come .

At the same time, Jeff also received a call from his grandfather . However, for some odd reason, they both used the same excuse .

The dinner that both Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go conspire did not go well . The couple declined, and now they need to think of another plan .

After receiving calls from their grandparents the couple texted each other;

Jeff: [ Sweetheart! Want to meet the in-law?]

Ann: [ Honey! I already did remember?]

Jeff: [How about this time we do it correctly, interested?]

Ann: [ Hmmm?