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Chapter 128
Grandma Tan was disappointed that Ann declined to attend the dinner plan at Grandpa Go mansion . However, it does not mean that she accepts the answer . She would find a way to get her there, one way or the other .

' I'll wait when she comes for a visit, and then I'll try again . If need be I'll ask Sophia's or Albert's help in this matter; I would ensure of her attendance . ' Grandma Tan face brighten from the thought .


Jeff's not too delighted that he has to leave his wife . He's facing back and forth in his study thinking of a way to delay his impending departure .

"Ronald! are you out there? " Jeff called out .

Ronald came in absentmindedly, and it seems that he as well is not happy that they are departing in an hour for Korea . "You called? " He replied sadness visible on his eyes .

"What? You too!" Jeff chuckle . " Are all the preparation done? We should be heading out in an hour, make sure you instructed them what they need to do while we're not here . "

"Yes! I instructed them all right! However, I'm worried that someone would try to harm them while we're away and . . . "

"And . . . ?" Jeff expression hardened .

"Well! I'm only concern that while we're in Korea, too far away to rush back if needed . . . " Ronald was contemplating whether he should broach the subject or not .

" Speak up! What you're trying to say is, you think that one of us should stay in case something does happen . Am I right?" Jeff is now emotionally upset, vein-popping out of his neck while scolding him .

" I had been thinking of a way to postpone this trip, but I'm blanking out . Ann needed me right now, and I know that old gizzard would do something and I'm not going to be here to protect her . Ahhhh! It's driving me insane!'

Terror overtook Ronald's face; it did not dawn to him that Jeff might be in much worst predicament than himself . "Please! accept my apology; It's wrong for me to act this way . " Sadness clouded Ronald's feature .

"Forget it, let get this over with so we can come back right away, the sooner, the better," Jeff grabs his belongings and walk toward the waiting car to take them to the airport .

The flight to Korea was a success; the Fire Chief Investigator informed Jeff that it was an accident . The Oxygen cylinder that caused the fire was leaking, unknown to the welder that was working at the time . A spark had caused to ignite the fire and had a domino effect with all the cylinder nearby, in turn, created a massive blast that they heard that day .

Once that incident taken cared off, they continued to the next agenda — the suppliers of steel materials . The negotiation was a success as well . They agree to keep the price the same for the duration needed to complete building the contracted amount of vessels .

" Good job! Now, we can head home to be with our beautiful women!" Jeff announced to Ronald .

Ronald: " . ^-^ . "


Ann called Lea to inform her that she's stopping by at the hospital first on the way to work .

" I need to report what's happening right now and also to ask for some advice in regard of the Vice President . You go ahead and hold the port before I get there . " Ann was instructing Lea while in the car on the way to the hospital .

"Don't worry! Do what you must, Mrs . Lim is there to guide me . Be careful all right!" Lea warned her with concern in her voice .

" Got it!" Then hang-up .

There are still many reporters standing by at the lobby of the hospital . Hoping to get a glimpse of Sophia or any other family member from Tan Corporation . There's also that new Interim CEO with the unknown face . Reporters are all wanting to get a picture of her to go along with their story .

Ann being inconspicuous was able to go up to Albert's room without being seen . To the eye of an onlooker, they can never know that she's the one they had been waiting for all this time . She dresses a true businesswoman impeccably .

Before Ann knocks to enter, she took a breather first to calm her nerve . Even though they had met several times already, she still gets nervous whenever she's about to meet him face to face .

*Knock Knock* "It's Joanna! May I come in?" She called out .

Albert Tan who's seating by the window gazing outside in deep thought sadness clouding his features, heard her knock . His whole face lip up when he heard Ann's voice . He hurriedly made his way back to his bed and made himself look pitiful .

"Come in! " Albert answered .

"Good morning!" Ann came with the sweetest smile she can procure for Albert to see .

"What brings you here so early? Aren't you supposed to be holding the port while I'm dying here? Hmpt! Maybe your not the right person for the job . " Speaking like his scolding her, but in reality, he's so happy to see her right now .

"Well . . . If I'm not wanted here, and someone can't handle the sight of my beautiful face . Then maybe I leave right now and do the job I'm supposed to do . " Ann acted like she's ready to leave .

"No! No! No!, I'm just playing with you, can't even spoil me a little . " Albert Tan pouted his mouth like a spoiled child . [Naglalambing]-[wanted attention] He then got up from the seating position from the bed . Walked towards Ann and coax her to sit down on the chair nearby .

"Tell me! besides wanting to see this old face of mine, what else brought you here this early?"

"I don't know if you saw the news yet? But someone broke into your office and set it on fire . It's the Vice President, he ordered someone to do it . " Ann didn't beat around the bushes .

"Go on! continue!"

To be continued: