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Chapter 129
Ann continued with her report . " As I was saying, I know for a fact that Vice President ordered someone . How I know is because I planned the whole thing . She proudly informs Albert, eyes are shining with excitement while she's speaking .

"Now is just a matter of finding the culprit, in which I already have someone looking into it . " Ann didn't say that her husband is the one who's looking into catching the person .

"Nevertheless, I'm planning on submitting to the board a dismissal from his position as VP, and I came here to ask if you have anyone you want to appoint to the position? Alternatively, should I leave it until you come back?"

"Go ahead! My full support is yours in whatever you decide to do . In regards to the replacement, let's wait until I'm recovered and back into action . " Albert's so proud of his daughter, how she manages to out-wit that conniving, womanizer, and greedy old bastard .

"It's all set then; I'm drafting the proposition as soon as possible, and submit it to the board with evidence to back up when the time is right . "

Ann motioned to get up, but before she has the chance, Albert grabs her hand . "Will you stay a while, I have been coup up her for a while now, and besides your Grandma, I have no one else to talk too . It's too lonely you know, what do you say?" Albert's fighting back the tears .

Ann took in the sight of Albert looking at her earnestly; she then squeezed her eye shut thinking how to respond . "How about this, I promise to come back this evening to have dinner with you, we can chat then . What do you say?"

"If you must, then I agree . I'll arrange to set up a table and dinner for us here, just the two of us all right! It's a deal, and you better not change your mind on me . " Albert finally let go of Ann's hand .

Ann bid him goodbye, then left to head out to Tan Corporation to handle the Bastard V . P . and his secretary .

What Ann saw when she arrived in her office was not pleasant . The Vice President and Department head are all waiting for her . Mrs . Lim and Lea were doing their best to appease them, but the Vice President just kept on fueling the fire .

"I told you, people, that she's not the right person for this position . I can't understand why you all voted for her . She's an unknown person with no background or credential . What do you all know about her?" The V . P . continued with his charade .

"Another thing, are all of you sure that she did not cause the Tan's accident? It's suspiciously too coincidence that she suddenly appeared when the time was right . Don't you think so?" The Vice President is now grinning from ear to ear after fueling the crowd with more of his lies .

Everyone started thinking after hearing what the Vice President said . One was about to say something when .

"Good morning everyone! I trust that I did not make you all wait too long?" Ann walks in elegantly went towards the desk of the CEO, sat down and crosses her leg before turning her attention to the board members .

"It's good that all of you are here! It means I don't need to arrange a board meeting . We can handle the situation here and now . " Ann looks at everyone straightface without batting an eye .

"I was going to wait for much more concrete evidence before announcing my intention, but it comes to my attention that someone needs to be shut-off . And yes! I'm talking to you Vice President!"

Ann face hardened, gave the Vice President a dirty look before continuing .

"I Joanna Wen Interim CEO of Tan Corporation proposing to remove from his position the one and only true culprit of this incident . That man!" Pointing at the Vice President .

The color drained out from the Vice President's face . Terror is visible, but he still acted high and mighty .

"Who are you to propose for my removal, do you know who I am,? I was grandfathered from another company, and this is part of the deal they made before you're even born . You have no right to retract that contract . " 'Let see if you have anything in your sleeve?' His thinking .

"What contract? Did you have anything in writing? Even if you do, with all the money you embezzled throughout the years, it's enough to keep you incarcerated for the rest of your remaining life . " Ann shocked all the board members with her revelation .

"What embezzlement? You better have proof, or I will sue you for slander . " Vice president is now in fear, but still trying to act brave .

"You want proof? Are you sure you want proof? Don't say I did not warn you . " Ann motioned to Mrs . Lim and Lea to hand out the stocks of documents she told them to prepare ahead of time .

Everyone accepted the documents then read it quietly — one by one the Board members starting to get upset .

"This is preposterous, you scoundrel! You think Tan corporation is your bank?" Elder Tan was the first to speak . "This is unbelievable! How could you! You son of a gun!' Elder Tan then got up walks toward the Vice-president then; *PAK! ~ PAK!* slap both cheeks left then right .

"No need to propose for his removal, call the police right now and apprehend this asshole . I will take care of him . All of you, get out of her now!" Elder Tan is now in-raged and his ready to kill the Vice President for the amount of money he embezzled .

Elder Tan then turned and looked at Ann who's calm and composed sitting at the CEO chair .

"Young lady, you did well! You made this old man proud; You're much suited there than that old man of yours . " He chuckled then left laughing . Hahaha!

Ann: " . . . ?"