Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:55 PM

Chapter 13

Still, Flashback continuation:


Ann was disappointed that she did not make the cut . She just can understand though, all the Judges gave her standing ovation, but she did not get in . "?" She's totally lost, how could it be!

One of the coordinators told Ann that they will be in touch . "Hmmm" there's something wrong here, but what else could she say, she just smiled and thank the person, turn around and went out without looking back .

Right outside, Jeff was waiting . " how did it go?" Ann looked Jeff in the eyes, like accusing him of something, then said " No thanks to someone, I did not get in ok!' .

Jeff " ? " he wonders if she knows something .

"What I mean is no thanks to those judges" Ann corrected her phrase .

They decided they would stay a couple of days in the city, at least until the last day of the competition, just in case they contacted her, she will still be in the area . They went sightseeing, went for a walk at the beach, ate at a restaurant by the sea, this whole time, they barely said a word to each other . Is like, they are both trying to sense each other's feeling .

From time to time Jeff would pause and about to say something . . . Then he would just stared at her and pat her head like a little kid and keep going . " what was that all about? " Ann was wholly lost for word, she has so many doubts and wanted answers, but she doesn't know how she can go about it .

That night, Jeff made sure she's not uncomfortable being in the same room and sleeping in the same bed with him . He gave her as much space as she needed, he never once tried to seduce her, he only said goodnight, laid on the side of his bed and went to sleep, which actually disappointed Ann .

She really thought his also interested in her, she guessed wrong . He did everything in his power to stay as far away from her when they sleep, all she could do is turn the other side of the bed and acted sleep as well . What she didn't know was Jeff is trying so hard to keep his distance only because he's afraid that he would jump her in the middle of the night . There's nothing he would like to do but be with her as one . His patience is thinning very . . very . . quick .

It took a while before both of them finally able to go to sleep . The next day, both of them are grumpy, they did not even greet each other morning . They did their morning routine, ate breakfast without saying a word to each other .

Ann started feeling sad and disheartened, while Jeff is getting anxious because of the atmosphere, the misunderstanding is getting out of hand . They both having expectations, but no one dares make the first move .

Finally, while they're getting their things ready to go home, Jeff couldn't hold it anymore . He waited until Ann finished packing, then grabs her, one hand under her legs, the other by her waist, lifted her and carried her to the bed and started kissing her hard . Ann struggle at first . But, not a minute went by, and she started kissing him back . . . Snu- Snu . Whatever needed to happen it happened .