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Chapter 130

Ann was deep in thought of what Elder Tan had said . ' You're better suited than your old man . Does he know that I'm related to them? This is serious; I need to see a photo of grandmother Tan when she was young to see the similarity . '

"Lea! can you come over here, please! I need you to do something for me . "

"What is it?" Lea came running excitedly . " By the way, boss lady; You're awesome you know that!

When you texted me to print and make copies of the reports we just received from the external auditor I knew it then . But how did you know?" Lea asked curiously .

"Well! We got lucky this time that we received the report ahead of time . If not, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that asshole . Nevertheless, it's over now, next is his secretary . " Ann said with a mischievous look on her face .

"What's the plan?" Mrs . Lim and Lea asked in unison with a grin on their faces .

"First check with the investigator if they were able to obtain photos and details of their affair . Gather all the proof of their relationship as lovers, then a visit to Mrs . Vice President in person . What do you both think about that?" She then stuck her nose in the air and started laughing .

"By the way, I need to get a copy of grandmother Tan picture when she was young . Can you find a way?" Ann asked Lea sweetly .

"I will see what I can do, but I do not promise anything alright! What is this about anyway?"

"Oh! nothing, I'm only curious and wanted to see what she looked like when she was young, that's all . " Ann replied nonchalantly .

"I'll do my best . " is all Lea said .


Jeff and Ronald finally arrive back into the Country . Instead of heading to his own company, he told Ronald to go straight to Tan Corporation . He misses his wife, who comes first in his life; The rest can wait .

On the way to Tan Corporation, Jeff received a call from his grandfather . 'What does he want now?' He mumbles to himself then answered the call .

"Hello!" Jeff answered uninterestedly .

"Are you back? I know your back! Come to see me now!" Grandpa Go ordered .

"Grandpa, I have a very urgent matter to attend first, I'll come by after, all right!" He's irritated now .

"No! I want you to come right now! It's an emergency, you understand?" Grandpa Go did not wait for Jeff's reply, he just hang-up as usual .

'I swear this old man will be the death of me . '

" Ronald changed the direction, go to grandfather's home," Jeff told him with gritted teeth .

Grandfather Go was seating in the living room sipping tea when Jeff arrives . " Grandpa, this better be an emergency or I'm making it one!" Jeff gave him a dirty look before seating down .

"What is it that so important that you made an emergency?" He asked with a hardened expression .

" I know already, so you don't have to tell me any longer . Your married and the woman is that . . . Joanna Wen right?" He gave Jeff a knowing look .

"How? Did you investigate us? That's how you know right?" Jeff is throwing a question to his grandfather instead of replying to the issue .

"Don't evade the question, I know what you're trying to do . I was not born yesterday for you to be playing the word game . Spit it out; I want all the detail . " He excitedly coaxes Jeff to tell him the whole thing .

Jeff had no choice but to tell him from the beginning up to the point where she met her biological parents .

"That's it! Now you know the whole story, and I appreciate it if you give us some time before planning all kind of thing . Like family dinner . " Jeff finally felt relief that his grandfather was not against them, now they can finally be together . He can't wait to tell Ann .

"If nothing else, I need to leave alright . " He didn't wait for his grandfather to reply, he took a stride two at the time and left in a hurry; He can't wait to see his wife .

Jeff and Ronald arrive in Tan Corporation, CEO and Assistant walking side by side going up to the CEO office walking with an air of the mighty gladiator ready for battle in the arena .

They passed by many women employee, and from the look, they are giving them; One can tell they are hoping and wishing upon the star . However, the two only has two ladies on their eyes and mind . The Interim CEO and her Assistant/Manager .


Albert Tan had informed his mother about the dinner plan he has with Ann . She was excited at first until she found at she's not part of the dinner .

"But I want to get to know her as well, Is not right that only you can eat with her . "

"I tell you what mother . I will check with her when she comes and will go from there alright?"

Grandma Tan whole face lifted and eyes are shining brightly from what she heard . "Ok! I will stay in the other room and wait . You promise you will ask her?"

"Yes! mother, I will ask her that's all I can promise . "

Grandma Tan happily left Albert Tan alone to start preparation just in case Ann agrees .

All was prepared by 6:00 in the evening in Albert Tan's room . A table was set only for two . Father and daughter bonding .

Albert Tan was too nervous; he wanted to look his best for his first date with his daughter . The first dinner together, the first bonding, the first of many things . But no matter what, it will not be the last .

Ann arrives looking beautiful; she's a picture of an angel in Albert's eyes . He stands and gazes at his daughter, what a sight . He's so excited, when suddenly .

" I hope I'm not late?"