Published at 30th of December 2018 03:31:42 PM
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Chapter 131

Jeff and Ronald arrive at Tan Corporation looking like two Gladiator ready for battle . They went straight to the CEO office looking for their woman .

Unfortunately, Ann had left early to prepare for her dinner date with Albert Tan . Lea went as well to do a task Ann requested of her . Therefore, only one person was in the CEO office, Mrs . Lim . That made the duo very unhappy once known .

"CEO Go, Ronald, you're here!" Mrs . Lim with a surprised look on her face and grinning . She knows why they are there .

"What time they left? Do you know where they went?" Jeff asks sadness clouded his features .

"CEO Wen left an hour ago to have dinner with CEO Tan at the hospital . " She replied with respectful voice .

Ronald who's standing at side listening wanted to ask about Lea . Decided against it and texted her instead;

Ronald: [How's your day? ] That's the only thing he can think of writing without being obvious .

Lea: [ Busy! had to do an errand for boss lady . ]

Ronald finally found the courage to ask: [ Where are you? I'm back in town . ]

Lea: [ Why! You need something?]

Ronald: [ Nothing! Just do what you're doing, I'll see you around . ]

Lea : [