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Chapter 132

Sophia felt something was wrong a warning; she couldn't shake it off no matter how much she tries . "Edna! Give me my phone, please! I need to make sure everything is all right in Asia . " She told her assistant .

*Bzzz Bzzz* [facetime] Albert saw his phone lit up, he checked it and saw it was Sophia . He quickly answered the facetime; "Hi! Honey! Look who's here with me right now!" He pointed the phone towards Ann and Grandma Tan directions .

"See, we are having dinner together, it's too bad you can't be with us right now . " Albert is beaming from ear to ear with happiness .

Sophia saw the images and her whole face lift-up, she forced a smile before answering .

" You guys are not fair; you waited that I'm out of the Country to have a family get together . I'm mad at all of you!" She pouted her mouth and acted hurt .

"Well! I'm currently preparing and doing a little rehearsal I will let you guys go back to your happy reunion . Bye! Everyone!" She waved at them and blew them a kiss then hang up .

Sophia felt relieved after seeing that her family in Asia are all excellent . She went back to her rehearsal with full energy ready to rock her fans .


Back in the hospital room, Ann sat quietly listening to Grandmother Tan telling her love story with Grandfather Go . Once in a while, she would glance at her father who's engrossed in watching her conversed with her grandmother .

"Grandma Tan, may I ask a favor?" Ann's eyes gleamed with excitement .

"Of course you may! What is it?" Grandma Tan happily replied

Ann's face brightened when she heard the answer; "By any chance, you have an old photo when you were about my age? I'm just curious . " Ann finished her sentence not to be conspicuous .

"Sure I do! I have lots of them at home if you want we can go after, and I will show you all of them . " She replied excitedly .

"Thank you! I would love that; I can't wait to see what you look like back then . "

Albert senses that there more to Ann wanting to see what her grandmother looks like before . He couldn't pinpoint it . "Ann . . . Is there something bothering you? Is that why you wanted to see your grandma's old photo?" Albert asks with concern in her eyes .

Ann decided to tell her father about Elder Tan comment . "You see, it dawns to me that my similarity with Grandmother must be uncanny . " She gave Albert an example .

"When you first saw me at CEO Go's office . You keep staring at me secretly . "

She turns and looks at her Grandmother; " Grandma also did the same when I first met her here . And recently, it's Elder Tan . I concluded that it has something to do with my looks . " Ann explained to the both of them .

"Hahaha! Albert Tan started laughing .

Grandmother Tan jus smiled to Ann then winked; "You'll soon find out!" "Hahaha!" Laughed along with Albert Tan .

Ann just sheepishly smiled and acknowledge that she understands .


In the meantime, Jeff is at home impatiently waiting for his wife to come home .

He wanted to surprise her, but it's taking a toll with his sanity . 'Should I text her at least? Or should I call her instead, I can do a voice call, and she wouldn't know I'm back . What should I do?' Jeff's losing it by the minute .

*Knock Knock* "Young Master, dinner is ready! Should we serve it here or will you come to the dining room?" The Butler asks .

"Hmmm?" Jeff's Thinking .

'Should I wait for her to eat together? But she's having dinner already . I will eat a little then eat again later when she arrives . '

"I will eat here, bring me a small plate . I will eat again when Ann comes home . " Jeff replied to the butler anxiously waiting .


After dinner, Ann and Grandmother Tan went to the Tan Mansion . Grandmother Tan is very excited to show her around . Finally, after Grandma Tan was satisfied that she had shown everything there is . She told Ann to follow her to her bedroom .

Once inside, she pulled out an old box from the top of the cabinet .

One by one she started handing Ann the photo's of her when she was young . "You see! As you can see for yourself now, you understand why with just one look at your beautiful face, they know you belong to the Tan Clan . " Grandmother Tan proudly inform Ann .

Ann was stunned when she saw the picture of her grandmother . Dark short hair just like her wig, they could pass as a twin . Now all is clear to Ann, mystery solved . Even without DNA test to prove their relationship, in one glance the truth would unfold .

It was already after 9:00 p . m . after they finished their bonding . Ann prepares to leave when Grandma Tan asks Ann with her sad looking face, "It's very late already, why don't you keep me company for the night?"

Ann felt a tinge of ache in her heart when she saw how sad her grandma looks . " But Grandma I don't have any changes of clothes . Moreover, I need to be at the office early in the morning . " Trying to make excuses .

"That's not an issue, Sophia has many night dresses that she never worn . You can use one of those . For your other changes of clothes, I can call my shopper and bring you whatever you need first thing in the morning . How's that?" With pleading eyes .

'Jeff's is not home anyway, what's the harm in me spending some time with grandma . '

Ann hugs her grandmother then" All right! Just for tonight, but I will need a couple of minutes to myself . I need to call someone alright?"

Ann went to find a secluded area where no one can hear her conversation . *Bzzz Bzzz* [Face time] to Jeff .

Jeff did not answer her [face time . ]