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Chapter 133
Jeff wanted to answer the facetime call from Ann . Unfortunately, his afraid she will know from the background of the study room that's his home . He wanted to surprise her, therefore decided not to answer the call .

Once he saw that the phone stopped buzzing, he picked it up and texted her instead .

Jeff: [Hi! Sweetheart! Sorry, can't face time right now . ]

Ann: [ Understand! Just wanted to tell you that I'm spending the night with my grandmother, I won't be able to talk to you later . ]

Jeff almost drops his phone when he read the text .

Jeff: [What do you mean?]

Ann: [ It's what I meant, I'm not at home . I'm with my grandmother and will spend the night with her . ]

Jeff did not reply anymore . He runs upstairs to pack some clothes .

Ann checked if Jeff had read the message and it shows Jeff did .

'But why is he not replying? ' She waited for a minute, before dialing his number . Just a voice call, not face time .

Jeff answered in one ring; "Hello!" His voiced sounds like his flipping things all over the place, and breathing hard .

"Honey! What's going on? Why do you sound like your trying to find something?" Ann is now curious .

"Oh! Nothing, I'm looking for the dumb key . " Jeff replied nonchalantly .

"Why are you looking for a key at this hours, where are you going?"

"You'll soon find out!" Jeff then hangs up without saying goodbye .

That did not go pretty well with Ann; She doesn't like it when someone hangs up on her . And Jeff just did that .

'Jeff Go! what are you up to now? Wait till you come back to this Country and you will get it . ' Ann didn't know that she will be seeing him very soon .


Ann was taking a shower in the guest room when Jeff arrives . She has no idea that her anxious husband at the door .

A dumbfounded Butler opened the door to Jeff . "Good evening CEO Go!"

"Good evening!" Is all Jeff said . , he's waiting for the butler to ushers him in the house .

"How may I help you, Sir?" The Butler ask with a tired, sleepy look in his eyes .

"I'm here to see my wife . Where is she?" Jeff surveys the surroundings .

"Sir, if I'm not mistaken you not married to Miss Claudia yet . So, who is this person you're looking for now? " The Butler now confused .

"Never mind, that!" Jeff pushed the door open and went inside like he owns the house .

"CEO Go! CEO Go! Please! I need to announce you, please! Wait a minute . "

"Ann! Ann! Where are you? Ann! Ann! Where you?" Jeff was calling his wife's name almost a whisper .

'So! He's looking for the young Miss Wen and not Miss Claudia . ' The Butler realized and pointed Jeff to the direction of' the guest room .

Just as Jeff was heading to the guest room, Grandmother Tan is walking out of her bedroom . "Oh! My Goodness! What are you doing here Jeff? You scared me half to death . "

"Good Evening Grandmother In-law, I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour, but I just came back from my business trip and found I'm missing a wife . " Jeff did not beat around the bushes .

"Wife? Who's your wife and why are you looking for her here? Wait a minute! Wait a minute! " Suddenly, it dawned to Grandma Tan . Ann!

"Jeff, come here for a minute and sit down with me . " She grabs the anxious Jeff to the living room .

"Mr . Butler, please! bring as some refreshment, please! It seems this young man needs a cold drink right now . " Grandma Tan order with a slight smile on her face .

Jeff hesitated for a moment, but in the long run, he followed Grandma Tan without arguments .

Once they were seated . Grandma gave Jeff a once over before asking . " Explain this to me, you and my granddaughter are already married . Is that right?" Grandma Tan has a glowing look on her face .

"Grandmother In-law, to be honest, it's a very long story, and one night is not enough . Moreover, I dearly missed my wife and already waited all day . Can we do this over breakfast tomorrow?" Jeff told her straightfaced .

Grandma Tan looked at the anxious Jeff and saw how much he misses his wife . She chuckled before answering; "Go! Go ahead! If must, but you will tell me everything over breakfast you promise!"

Jeff got up and gave the old lady a quick hug . Like a child who was permitted to play, he went straight to the direction of the guest room .

Jeff was almost to the door when he heard Grandmother Tan called; "You will need a key, let Mr . Butler get it for you . Just wait a minute . " She told Jeff while shaking her head and chuckling at the same time .

A minute later, the Butler came with the spare key for the guest room . He gave it to Jeff, bid him good night then turn and walk away chuckling as well .

Jeff slowly unlocked the guest bedroom . He pokes his head to see if Ann's already asleep . Once he saw that light still on, he knows she's not asleep yet .

Once he's inside the bedroom, he heard water running, 'Ann's taking a shower . ' He thought .

*Ding!* Jeff thought something cheesy in his mind .

He hurriedly took off all his clothes and went for the bathroom . He slowly opened the door to check if Ann's still in the shower . 'The coast is clear' He made his way to Ann's busy singing . Not realizing there's an intruder in the bathroom with her .

Jeff slowly open the showers sliding door, back hug his wife then whispered in her ear . "Do you missed me?"

Ann who's startled from what Jeff did, started hitting Jeff and screamed on the top of her lung;

" JEFF GO!!! YOU @#$&*)&^% You scared the shit out of me!" Then hugs and kissed him back .

"What are you doing here? I thought you were in Korea? When did you come back?" Ann was bombarding Jeff with questions in between kisses .