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Chapter 134

Ann was bombarding Jeff with questions, but none was getting answered . Jeff was to busy showering his wife with hot kisses . After seeing his wife perfect naked body, he couldn't help himself but succumb to his lust and love for her .

He missed her so much, and after going around circle all day, finally, she's here right in front of him . No sane man would be answering questions at that moment . Jeff continued making love to his beautiful wife .

Ann started getting hot from Jeff's touch . He was washing her with soap; his hand was so smooth and gentle that each stroke of his big hand makes Ann shiver and wanting for more .

He works his way from her back to the front of her body, once he's right where her to beautiful, perfect breast, he slowly, slowly, and gently stroke the tip of her nipples . It heightened the intensity of Ann emotion; Jeff was making her hot, very hot, wet and ready to rock and roll .

Jeff let the water wash down the soap on her breast, then he started first, kissing, licking, kissing some more and licking some more . Ann's going wild from the sensation; she's ready to jump Jeff any minute .

But Jeff smart enough to prevent her from jumping him . He wants her to lose her mind from wanting, before giving her heaven .

Jeff was the dominant this time, after going back and forth between the two nipples, he couldn't have enough and wanted more; he started sucking it hard which made Ann's mind go blank .

While Jeff was kissing, licking and sucking her nipples, one big hand was fondling her breast, while the other one he used it to put a finger right between her leg; he needed to see how ready and hot his wife for him .

One, finger first, she's wet and moist . Jeff secretly smiled . Then he tried his long middle finger this time, wanting to touch the peak inside Ann's that will make her beg for more .

When Ann throw her head back from the enjoyment she's feeling; then stared begging . " Pease! Honey! I can't wait anymore!"

Jeff finally gave in to his wife's request . He positioned his hard and long [thing]right in between her legs, replacing his long finger that was inside making Ann go wild . Jeff Pushed as hard as he can, which made Ann moan and writhe from ecstasy .

That made Jeff go wild like a beast . At first, he pulled out just enough for Ann to cry out "NO!" her two hands grabbed a hold on to his buttock and pulled it back in . "Don't you dare!" Ann told him .

That's all the signal Jeff needed, no question asked . Jeff started riding into the sunset like a wild stallion . Ann lost all her senses after that episode .

She didn't even know that she had yelled loud enough to wake up the dead .

" Oh! My God! Oh! My God! Oh My God! Please! Don't stop or I will kill you!"

Ann's Yelled out for the whole world to hear . She forgot that they are at her parent's house and Grandma Tan is right next door who had heard all her announcement .

'Well! If I don't see a great-grandchild anytime soon, there's a problem with them' "Hahaha!"

Grandmother Tan picked up her phone and called Grandfather Go to inform him of the situation .

Grandfather Go was so excited about the news, he laughed so hard that he almost had a heart attack . 'If I see a great-grandchild soon, I can die happy! Hahaha!' He thought to himself .