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Chapter 135

Jeff and Ann had no idea that Grandma Tan had heard their recent activity, and she calls Grandpa Go to report . The eggs were hatch; both Elder's were now counting the chicken .

Jeff was smiling like a devil while looking at his wife going wild . He stayed inside of her making sure nothing goes to waste . He needed to make sure that all the little swimmers were going on the right path .

Ann finally came to her sense couple of minutes later . She did not realize that Jeff had turned the water off already and now reaching for the towel .

Jeff's eyes still full of desire while he's wiping the water away from Ann's body . " Hmmm, so smooth and silky" He murmured while his drying Ann's middle part .

Ann's now fully alert from the aftermath, shyly looks at Jeff and grinned . She couldn't believe what she just did, good thing they are married if not; she wouldn't know how to face him afterward .

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jeff asks while wrapping her with the towel and pulling her to him .

Ann shyly smiled before replying . "Honey, do you think they heard us?" Her face redden thinking about what they just did .

Jeff lifted her like a baby, carried her to bed laying her down and started kissing her again .

"Sweetheart, even if they heard us, which I doubt it . We are married, and that's normal . Moreover, they are probably cheering us right now . Hahaha!" Jeff laughs at the thought of Grandma Tan cheering .

Ann pinch Jeff's butt . "You naughty! How could you say that!"

"Ouch! Sweetheart, why do you always pick at my butt, why not other parts of my body?" Jeff jokingly teases his wife .

Ann remembers what she did while they were at the hight of their lovemaking . ' When she thought Jeff was going to pull it out, she suddenly grabbed hold of his butt with both hands and pulled him back in . '

Ann's couldn't help but smile before saying . "You know why? It's because you have the hardest 'butt' I had ever touched and seen . Ha ha ha!"

"What do you mean I have the hardest 'butt'? You better make that clear!" Jeff is now seriously upset and jealous .

He put his two hands to Ann's face, looks her straight in the eye with blazing fire . " How many other 'butt' had you touched and seen in your entire life? Answer me damn-it!" Smoke was coming out of his ear, and nose fire was blazing in his eyes .

"If you must know Mr . Go, In my entire life . . . " Raised her hand showing her finger, acted like she's counting . "One . . . " Ann didn't get to continue her games . Jeff kissed her so hard, not sweet like he usually does . His punishing her for what she's doing . Jeff realizes that she's playing with him .

Ann was stunned for a moment . She thought he was playing around, but he's madly jealous she can see it on his eyes . "Honey . . . I'm sorry!" Started kissing him on his eyes first . "I was just playing with you alright . " Kissed his nose then his lips .

" I don't care how many buns you had seen in your life, as long as I'm the only one that saw your buns! You hear me!" Jeff made sure that Ann won't forget who she belongs too .

During their lovemaking, Ann whispered to her husband, the only bun that she ever lay her eye on was his . After hearing what Ann said, It stimulates his urge to satisfy her to the limit .

Ann lost her senses several times while they were making love . Jeff was finally satisfied after doing a total of three rounds before both of them finally got knocked out .

The next morning during breakfast the couple gave full details to Grandma Tan how they met and ended up getting married in America . Grandma Tan was happy after hearing the whole story .

' Fate is unpredictable, who could have thought that after going around in a circle, the dots still got connected . Hahaha!' She thought to herself after the couple left .


Ann was yawning and stretching her body when Lea arrives at the office . "Whoa! What's with that? " Lea asks while she's surveying Ann .

" What happens to you? You look like a tornado had run over you . Let me guess; you had a marathon last night didn't you? Never mind, you don't need to answer . Hahaha!" Lea walks away to make some coffee .

Ann look's at her friend sadly then a thought came to her mind . 'Lea needs to get laid, so she will stop teasing me . And I know the right man for her . ' She dials a number .

"Hello! Ronald, this is Ann . There's something I need your help . "