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Chapter 136
Ronald was taking his coffee break when his cell phone started vibrating . He looks at the screen to see who called before answering . It's Boss lady . " Hello!" Ronald responded curiously .

"Ronald it's Ann, how are you?"

"I'm fine! Thank you for asking? Is there something I can help you?" 'Why is she calling me instead of her husband, I wonder' Ronald's lost .

"I have a favor to ask you, are you available?" Ann is secretly looking at Lea to see what she is doing .

"Depend, on what you need my help with?" He's curious now .

Ann was trying to think of how she was going to approach the subject . " You see . . . I don't know if you knew that I am now living at the Mansion and Lea's living by herself at the condo . I'm worried that she will be very lonely at night and her old habit might start" 'Let see if you don't take the bait . ' Ann thought .

"Habit? What kind of habit?" Ronald is now worried that Lea's might be doing drugs or something .

Once again, Ann peeks at Lea currently busy with some documents before answering Ronald's question . "You see, back in the State, everytime she gets lonely she would go out clubbing and drinks . " She chuckled before continuing .

" What I'm worried about is after she gets drunk, she would black out . If that happens and no one is with her; You never know what might happen . " Ann finished her sentence with a sigh, and she made sure her voice sounds worried .

Ronald is in a panic mode after hearing Ann . "So, what would you like me to do? I can go with her if you want, or-or why don't you tell me and I will do it . " His voice started to crack, and Ann can hear a concern by the sound of him .

Ann continued with her mischievousness . "No-no! I don't want you to go with her clubbing; I thought that you should keep her company during night time, at least eat dinner, someone to chat, or watch movies, something like that; Nothing hard . " Ann told Ronald nonchalantly .

'Hahaha, I got you now little sister . The fish is hooked; now it's up to you to reel it in . '

Lea still busy going through the daily reports, she had no idea that her best friend had sold her .

"I thought of something that she would love, and I assure you if you follow it through . Guaranteed to work one hundred, no I take it back . Two hundred percent . What do you say?" Ann is anxiously waiting for Ronald's reply .

'Something Lea would love? How should I answer? Should I go for it or let this chance go? What the heck, what do I got to lose, I might even gain something . '

"I'm in! I'll do it, tell me what should I do?" Ronald happily replied .

"How about meet me for a coffee, and I will tell you all my plan . What do you think?"

Ronald has no choice if he wants to know what's her plan was, but first, he needs to inform the Big boss, or he might get into trouble if he finds out .


Mega World Intl . Group Headquarters:

Jeff was not happy when he heard from Ronald about the meeting for coffee . "What time are you supposed to meet?"

"Boss lady said asap, but I figured I let know first . " Ronald is watching Jeff's facial features for any sign of eating vinegar .

"That's good you know to inform me first, or you would have been dead if I found out later . " Jeff did not play around with his words and told Ronald with a straight face .

Ronald stands there quietly, barely breathing . Afraid to get his head cut-off by the King of possessiveness .

"Go and get the car ready, I'm going with you!" Jeff ordered Ronald with an unreadable look on his features .

Ronald was finally able to breathe . He hurried up and left to ensure that his boss does not change his mind .

The arrive at Tan Corporation within fifteen minutes . Ann was walking toward the front door of the building with a couple of bodyguard following her ten feet away .

Before Ann reaches the front door of the building, two more bodyguard shows up to walk five feet at the front of her . "Excuse me! Both of you" She's speaking with the two bodyguards that recently joined to protect her .

"You two don't need to come with us today; I don't need too many bodyguards . I'm starting to look like the First Lady of the Country . " Ann trying to joke around but she's serious for not wanting to attract attention .

"We are sorry! CEO Wen, but CEO Go strictly ordered us not to leave your sight when you're going out of the building . We can't disobey his order, or we can get in big trouble . " The bodyguard politically answered Ann without batting an eye .

"Alright! Alright! I got you! Just be inconspicuous please, I don't like attracting too much attention . " Ann told the bodyguard and continued walking toward the front door .

Jeff has a sullen look on his face . His biting his lower lips while looking at his wife with his brows drew together .

Ann back up a little when he saw who's waiting for her inside the backseat of the car . "Jeff Go! what are you doing here?" Ann gave Ronald a glance with a questioning look .

"Why? Am I not allowed to join the fun? " Jeff is sulking like a child .

'This is not good, why did he come . How can I tell Ronald to seduce my best friend with my approval? On top of that, how can I give him pointers how to seduce her without him eating vinegar?' Ann went in the car and gave her husband the sweetest kiss she can come up .

While they were on the way to a cafe nearby, Ann decided to let Jeff in with her scheme .

"Ronald! Turn the car around!"