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Chapter 137
"Ronald! turned the car around!" Jeff ordered with eyes full of idea .

Ronald was confused, but he has no choice but to comply with Jeff's order .

"Why are you asking to turn the car around? Where are we going? Not back to Tan Corp . are we?" Ann, anxious now, her plan is being sabotaged by her husband . "Honey! Please! It's essential that I give him some pointers . The fisherman might not be able to reel in the fish . " Ann begs Jeff almost in tears .

"What fisherman? Why does the fisherman need to reel the fish in? I don't understand what you're saying at all . " Jeff scratches his head .

"I already told you my plan, the only thing left is for me to give him pointers so they can get together . You know what I mean!" She's unhappy now, and if Jeff doesn't change his mind, he might end up in the doghouse instead .

Jeff pulled his wife to his embrace then whispered . " I have a plan, and we will help them hook line and sinker not just reel the fish . Hahaha!" Kisses his wife on her forehead .

"Why didn't you say so from the beginning . You had me worried there for a minute . " Ann's lips quivered .

Jeff kisses his wife's quivered lips and hugs her tightly .

"Ah- Boss? Where are we going? You said turned around and I did, but what do I do after?" Ronald was asking very confused .

"Go to the Condo! Change that, go to the closest supermarket and will go grocery shopping . " Jeff replied to Ronald's with eyes gleaming .


They arrived at the Groceries Store — Jeff who never shop for food in his whole life acting like it's a typical day for him .

They took a cart and starter strolling and looking around . People are staring at the couple, and some even took pictures .

One person asks another . " Are they celebrities? They look like one . But I had never seen them on TV . So who are they?"

"The man I know is the CEO of the Group that owns this place . The woman is the new Interim CEO of Tan Corporation . Why they are together could only mean one thing . " The other person replied .

"They are lovers," They said it in unison .

"We're lucky that we decided to get our lunch here today . Did you get a clear picture? Make sure to send me a copy alright!" The other person said .

The two bystanders were reporters from two different company . They had been camping in the lobby of the hospital and unable to get any news . They were given ultimatum by their superior already . And now, a noteworthy scoop drop right in front of them without making an effort .

The couple was having so much fun; they did not realize that they will be the headlines on that evening news .

"Get that!" Ann was pointing, and Jeff was picking it up and putting it in their cart . Ronald and the bodyguards were following 5 feet away, so they don't attract onlookers .

Once they got everything they needed, they head for the cashier . The cashier was awestruck when she saw the two people in front of her . They are the cutest couple she had ever laid her eyes . Recognition dawned on her face . 'Ann Wen!'

'The sweet girl that gave me an autograph during a commercial shoot at the mall . ' The cashier thought and smiled to herself .

She couldn't believe how lucky of her to meet her again . "Excuse me, Miss Wen, I hope it's not too much of me to ask, but may I have another picture with you? " The cashier asks before she even starts ringing the product .

Ann was stunned for a moment that the cashier recognizes her celebrity status . She looks at her husband fear crosses her face . However, Jeff only nods to her with approval .

"Sure!" Ann replied to the cashier blushing .

The cashier was in seventh heaven after hearing Ann agrees . She hurriedly took out her cell phone . Ready to take a selfie when Jeff spoke . "Ronald! come here!"

Ronald rush right to them while wondering what's going on . "Yes, boss! You called me?"

"Come and take a picture!" He commanded Ronald with such authority . The cashier was dumbfounded and speechless .

"Let me have your cell phone," Ronald asks the cashier .

The cashier happily handed her phone and posed with Ann ready for a picture . However, there's someone who wanted to be in the picture as well . Jeff stand next to Ann like a male God statue .

Ronald paused unable to take the shot . "What are you doing? we don't have all day!" Jeff's asking .

"O-oh! My apology, I didn't mean too . " Ronald point the cell phone camera toward the trio . Just as he was ready to take the picture, Jeff grabbed Ann's face with his two hands and kissed her in front of many onlookers .

'Announcing to the whole world that this woman belongs to me . '

Ronald took more than one-shots, he sent copies to Lea and his phone before handing back the phone to the cashier .

Onlookers that were passing by are now curious as who are these couple .

They needed to get out of there quick, or people will bombard them . Jeff told Ronald to complete the transaction, then ushered his wife out to the waiting car and drove off, leaving Ronald and the bodyguards to their device .

Ann texted Ronald [ See you at the Condominium, stop somewhere and bring an extra apron . ]

[ How many extras should I bring?]

[ Two small one and Two extra tall one] Ann replied .

Ronald was able to decipher the meaning right away, all four of them will make the food .

[ Your order is my command, boss lady!]

Jeff saw the text; he asks Ann to hand him the phone .

[Stop kissing my wife's 'butt!'] Then he followed with [Only! I am allowed to kiss that BUTT!]

Ronald; " . . . . "