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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:31:21 PM

Chapter 138

Ronald's at lost for words after seeing the texted message from Jeff . ' This guy is something . ' Ever since he got together with boss lady, he's been acting weird . ' He shakes his head then started chuckling .

The Jeff that Ronald knows was perceived by others as a reserve, aloof, detach and never shown emotion in front of people around him . One could say he's cold-hearted, especially when it comes to business .

However, ever since Jeff met Ann four years ago, He changed drastically, and Ronald can't comprehend the new person he is now . 'I guess that's what happens when a person falls in love; I hope I don't become like him in the future' Ronald was trying to convince himself .

Ronald was almost at Ann's place when It dawned to him that he doesn't have a key . 'Where am I supposed to take all this fresh food? It's a problem; he needs to find a way somehow, but how?' He thought about calling Ann, but in the end, he just took all the food with him and went back to work .

Same thought that Ronald's was having, currently clouding Ann's mind . They were in a hurry to get away from the masses that it slipped her mind . A thought came to Ann, "Honey! Do you still have that spare key to the condo? We forgot to give one to Ronald, and he's probably in a dilemma right now . "

"I do! But it's at home, I didn't think I would need it any longer, so I put it in one of the drawers in my study . I'll call him right now and let him know where it is . " Jeff took out his phone and called Ronald .

Since it's still early both of them had gone back to their own perspective companies to take care of whatever business at hand .

Lea was giving Ann dirty look when she walks in at her office . "What's with the look?" Ann asks .

"What look? This?" Lea scowled

"Someone finally remembers that she's supposed to be running the company not running around . You're probably gallivanting through town with a hot and sexy CEO . " Lea rolled her eyes then, "Hmmpt!" Turn around and went to her desk to emote .

Ann followed Lea . "I'm sorry! I had errands, and you were busy, so I didn't bother to tell and took off without saying goodbye . However, let me assure you that you will love it! " Ann excitedly told Lea .

Lea's face brightens after hearing what Ann said; She's curious now . "What it is? Tell me, what is it? did you go to the doctor and they told you that you're pregnant?" She asks with sparks in her eyes .

Ann couldn't tell Lea the truth; she had to make up stories . "If you must know, yes I'm with a sexy and hot CEO just now . Along with his handsome and sweet assistant . We went to grocery stores and . . . " She was interrupted by Lea .

" Oh! Ya, I forgot! Ronald sent me this picture . " She took out her phone and looked for the picture that Ronald sent her .

"See! look! That's you! Isn't it? Where's, was this picture taken? And the girl, I remember her . She's the one that had asked you for a picture at the mall, right?"

Ann's didn't know that Ronald had sent a copy to Lea . "Let me see? 'Hmmm' He sure is a handsome man . Hahaha! Send me a copy too, please! I want a souvenir to show to my grandchildren someday . "

Lea was shocked by Ann's reaction after showing the picture . "That's It, that's all you got to say . So, what's this picture about?" She's walking around Ann in circles wanting for some answer .

"Oh! We just had a nice walk, and the lady saw me and recognizes me . Wallah! We had a picture together . Let it go alright!" She patted Lea's shoulder and walked away .

"By the way, don't plan anything tonight . I missed our bonding; I thought we could have dinner together what do you say?" Ann is looking at Lea's reaction while waiting anxiously .

Lea's face brightens with a grin on her face . "You going to have dinner with me tonight? You better not be kidding me or you will get it . "

"Yes! And we are cooking the food that we're going to eat . " She didn't inform her that there will be some company as well .

"Hurry up! we have a lot of cooking to do . " She yelled as she was preparing to go home .

Lea was excited, she hurried up and finished what she was doing . Once all in order, she grabs her purse and calls for Ann . "Let's go! Girls night! Hahaha!"

'That's what you thought . Just wait and see when we get there . " Ann secretly smiled to herself .


At the condominium, Ronald finished unpacking all the groceries . He laid it all out to check one by one in case they forgot something, at least he would still have time to go out and get it before they arrive .

He took out the list that Ann hands him earlier for the dinner menu:

Appetizer: Caprese Tomatoes

Soup: Clam chowder [New England style]

Salad: Romaine lettuce tossed with Italian vinaigrette for dressing .

Main course: Roast Salmon with Truffle / a side dish of cream spinach and roasted asparagus tip .

Dessert: Fresh Strawberry with whipped cream and cookies on top [Lea's favorite]

Wine: Oak-aged Chardonnay or Pinot noir

Ronald checked to make sure that all ingredients needed were there . After reviewing back and forth countless of time, he's finally satisfied .

He put the Wine to chill and started preparing all the utensil they will be using .

Ronald was thinking . ' All is ready, the only thing that's missing where the rest of the party; When suddenly he heard the doors open .

"Ready or not, here we come!" Ann yelled as she comes into the door to warn Ronald of their presence .

Ronald didn't know what to do . He's so nervous that he's hyperventilating . . .

To be continued: