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Chapter 139
Ann acted like she doesn't have an idea that Ronald was there . "Honey! You're here already?" She called out for Jeff, knowing he's not there .

Ronald got the idea and played along with Ann . "Good evening boss lady, Lea! I'm sorry, but the boss has something to finish before coming over . "

"He asked me to come over first to start preparing what you needed for dinner; I hope you don't mind?" He's turning red by the minutes from telling a lie .

Ann acted innocently . " Oh! That's so thoughtful of him . Then let me thank you for making all the preparation ahead of time . "

Lea was standing there, watching the two play the act . 'She's not that stupid . She knows her best friend and her husband were playing cupid, and she loves it . '

Lea looks at the uncomfortable looking Ronald . 'He's so cute when he's blushing like a teenager . She decided to play along with everyone . '

"It's good that you're here, at least I won't be a third wheel," Lea told Ronald with her eyes showing gratitude .

Lea acted hurt . " I thought it would only be you and I, girls night . But now I hear that your husband will be with us; It's not fair . " She pouted and tilted her head then looked into the ceiling .

"Alright! You got me; we just thought that we could have a nice quiet dinner together, that's all . " Now It's Ann's turn to act hurt .

Ronald felt much better after hearing that Lea doesn't mind for him to be there .

Finally, Jeff arrives with a big smile on his face . He looked at Ronald then at Leah then started chuckling then winks at his wife .

"Alright let's start cooking, I'm hungry, I could eat a whole cow right now," Ann told everyone .

Ronald handed everyone an apron then put one onto himself .

"How should we do this?" Ann looks at the three for a suggestion .

Jeff made the decision; he doesn't want to tires his wife after working all day . "How about you supervise us, and will do all the work . "

Everyone agrees, and they started to prepare and cook .

"Okay, we'll start with the appetizer first . "Honey, preheat the oven to 450 deg . celsius . " She told Jeff .

Lea slice five tomatoes in 1/4 slice then place it on the baking sheets . "

"Ronald, where's the mozzarella cheese? Slice them, for each tomato put a slice of mozzarella . After that, you need to season it with olive oil, salt, and pepper . "

Jeff was standing there watching his wife give's order to the two . He's done his part . He turned the oven on to preheat .

Ann continued with her instruction . " Put one basil leaf on top each tomato with a mozzarella slice . " She told Ronald and lea who's having fun working together .

" Got it!" The two said in unison .

"Okay now it's ready, Jeff it's your turn . put it into the oven; wait for about 8 to 10 minutes until cheese melted and slightly Brown you got it!"

" Yes! Sweetheart, I got it . " Jeff was teasing her in return .

Once the appetizer was inside the oven, and the cheese started melting the aroma was so delicious that make's a person salivating .

'Hmmm! That smells like heaven . I can wait to taste it . " Lea told Ronald while licking her lips .

However, as soon as Ann smells the melted mozzarella, she's beginning to feel nauseated and runs to the bathroom and started throwing up .

Jeff, Lea, and Ronald looked at each other with a question on their faces .

Jeff runs after his wife, worried sick . "Sweetheart! are you alright?" He asks with concern in his voice while stroking her back .

Ann continued throwing up couldn't reply . Jeff doesn't know what to do . " Ronald!, Lea! Get the car ready; we're taking her to the hospital . " He was yelling at them on the top of his lung, not realizing it the same time .

Lea who's has her mouth wide open, deep in thought . When suddenly, her eyes brighten, and her whole face lit up; It dawned to her that Ann might be pregnant and started jumping for joy .

"Hahaha! Ronald, do you know what that means? Hahaha!" Lea jumped on Ronald due to her excitement and did not realize that Ronald what looking at her with dumbfounded and speechless .

Only when Jeff yelled again that Ronald when back to earth . "Ronald! didn't you hear me?"

Ronald doesn't know what to do . Lea's embracing her while Jeff was screaming on the top of his lung for him to prepare the car . "-Ah, Lea I need to get the car ready . Excuse me!" Slowly moved her hand from his neck, but before he was able to walk away, Lea kissed him on his lips .

Colored drained out of Ronald's face . Terror overtook at first; then his face reddened afterward .

"Lea, we need to talk later ok! But for now, we need to get the car ready . Boss lady is very sick . " He's trying to make excuses for his reaction .

"It's alright! Go! The big boss might die from worrying himself when there's nothing to worry . "

"What you mean?" Ronald is now curious and forgot what he supposed to do .

Jeff and Ann were coming out of the room when they smelled something burning . Ann runs back to the bathroom to throws up again . "What the heck was that smell? Ronald!, Lea can you guys check the appetizer it's burning . " Jeff screamed at them from the bathroom door .

"Oh! Shit!" Both run to the kitchen to turn off the oven . "What a waste! I didn't even get to taste it yet, and it's gone . " Lea told Ronald sadness clouded her features .

"It's alright there are more ingredients left, we can make another batch . Once they leave . " Ronald was coaxing Lea to cheer up .

Do you think they will leave soon? Let's air out the condo so the smell would go away, and they could get out of the bathroom . What do you think?"