Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:54 PM

Chapter 14

Just as when they were getting into the good part and his about to enter her, "Ringggggg" both of their phones started ringing . Jeff didn't want to stop to answer his phone, however, Ann put both her hand to his chest and pushed him really hard that he almost fell off the bed . Ann then quickly scramble off the bed, wearing nothing but the sheet covering only the front part of her body, grab her phone and run to the bathroom without locking the door behind her .

Jeff " . . . . . " scratching his head, he was still immersed from the shock of being stopped when they were finally almost there . Now it's already over, the heat of the moment had flown away . . .

Jeff slowly got up as well and check his phone to see who's the "idiot" who has a death wish, calling him . "It better not be his assistant, for he will die a slow death when he meets him" . The pain he's feeling right now will not be enough of what he will give to this caller .

By the look on his face which suddenly turned into concern, the missed call was not from his assistant . It was actually from his Grandfather's personal doctor . "Something must have happened to the old man for his doctor to personally call him" it's in the middle of the night where they are .

The time difference is twelve hours, it's two in the afternoon where they at, so it's two a . m . where the call is coming from . His grandfather is very ill, the doctor said that he will not last long, he wishes to see Jeff before he passed away, therefore he made the call personally to inform "Jeff" of his grandfather's wish .

Jeff knocked on the bathroom door, "Ann? . . . are you about done? we need to go!"

Ann replied innocently and spoke in a slightly hoarse voice, "I'll be out in a minute, I'm a little sweaty right now so I'm going to take a shower ok!"

Just as Ann was wondering why Jeff is rushing to leave, her phone rung again . The call was from her friend Lea who's been out in the picture for a while . Lea meets a guy she likes that night and spent a whole week with him in on a Cruise to the Bahamas . She was so drunk in love that she accidentally dropped her phone into the ocean . She had to wait until she gets home and gets a new phone before finding out that Ann had been calling her .

"Where are you?" is the first word that came out of Lea's mouth . "Do you know how worried I am, I did not hear from you for a week and just now I'm in front of your apartment and you are not answering . "

Ann " . . . . . "

"Lea, your the one who's been missing for the whole week, what are you talking about! I called you several times, knocked at your door, but you never answered, so how am I the one at fault?"

Lea realized that "Yes!" it was her and not Ann that did the missing act, so she just apologized and asked again where Ann is at the moment . Ann told her where she's at, not mentioning Jeff in the process, she told her about the competition and that she did not get in . Lea was sad for her friend but did her best to cheer her up . "Don't worry, there will be another time, it's their loss, not your's for not choosing you ok!" Hearing Lea's word made Ann feel a little better, but what should she do about the guy out there?