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Chapter 140
Ronald complies in a heartbeat . He wants Jeff and Ann to go so he can have Lea all by himself . Thank's to the boss lady; he has some recipes that found from Google site .

Finally, Ann started to feel better . "Honey! I don't think I can eat anything, why don't we let them enjoy each other . Let's go home, please!" Ann gave a half smile .

Jeff was feeling bad for his wife, help her up then carried her to the bed to lay down . "Rest for a little while then will go to the hospital alright!" Jeff kissed his wife tenderly, one hand stroking her hair and the other one massaging her tummy .

Ann listens, closed her eyes trying to calm her stomach . It felt good how Jeff's massaging her tummy .

The two outside figured out that everything was fine when Jeff stopped screaming at them to prepare the car . They decided to clean up the burnt appetizer and started a new batch .

After about 15 minutes Ann stomach finally settled down enough for her to be able to get up . Jeff helps her up, and they slowly make their way again .

The two was busy in the kitchen playing house; they didn't even realize that Jeff and Ann had waved them goodbye and left for home .

They went straight home as per Ann's request . Even though Jeff was worried, he gave in to his wife's request and drove back home .


Once they were in the comfort of their bedroom, Jeff finally able to breathe comfortably . "Sweetheart! How are you feeling? Is there anything you want? I remembered you saying you're hungry earlier and we had not had any chance to eat dinner . you must be famished . "

"I'm okay! I don't have an appetite right now . Maybe later, let me rest for a little bit, I promise once I feel better I will let you know . " Ann tries to assure Jeff with a smile on her face .

Jeff let Ann rest . "I'll go down for a little while and do some work; you relax first . I'll come back in a little bit to check on you . " Embraces Ann tightly then whispered into her ear . " Sweetheart! " Ann look's at him . "Hmmm?"

Jeff kisses her earlobe first before replying . "Thank you!"

"Thank you? For what? " With eyes of uncertainty, Ann asked him .

"Thank you! For coming to my life, for taking me back, for letting me love you, for everything! And thank you for being you! . " Jeff emotionally told his wife .

Tears started to shimmer in her eyes before replying . "Thank you!!! I'm the one should be thankful, not you . " Her eyes are now showing some tears flowing slowly down her beautiful face .

Jeff was overwhelmed with emotion; he needed to get out of there . He doesn't want his wife to see that side of him . Kissed her once more than got up to leave" I love you!" He said before walking out the door .

Once Jeff arrives in the safety of his study, tears start to fall from his handsome face . He couldn't hold it any longer . He was utterly affected by his emotion . Jeff is not ignorant in regards to the birds and bee . He knows one hundred percent his wife is now carrying his longtime dream, their child .

Once he calms down, he called some people . Now that new addition is coming into their family . They need to have a real marriage with all the flares that woman loves . He will give his wife the best wedding in the whole of Asia .

Lastly, Jeff called his Grandfather . "Hello, grandfather, there's something important that I need to speak with you; Can I come over for a little bit? I know it's late, but it's important . " Jeff told his grandfather full of emotion .

Grandfather was speechless for a moment . He's afraid of what his grandson wanted to talk to him about that's an emergency . "Sure! come over; I'll wait for you . "

"Thank you! I'll be right over . " Jeff hang up the phone and prepare to leave right away . He was about to walk out the door when he heard Ann's footstep coming down the stair .

"Honey! I'm hungry now; you think the chef can make us something simple to eat . ?" Ann's ask not realizing her husband was about to go out .

Jeff looked at his wife paled looking face . "Sure! Let me tell the Butler to tell the chef to prepare some food for us . What do you want to eat?" His heart was aching for her .

Just like that! Jeff was unable to leave the comfort of his home .

In the meantime, his grandfather still waiting anxiously at his own home and starting to get agitated by the minute .

'What the heck! Jeff Go, what is it that you're going to tell me? Why didn't you tell me over the phone . ' Grandfather is now overly anxious to know .

Finally, Grandfather Go couldn't wait any longer . " Ron! Ron! . . Where are you? Prepare the car, we're going to Jeff's home asap!"

'You think you're the only one has a car? I have 20 of them sitting around for decoration . Hmpt! Grandfather Go mumbled to himself .

Thirty minutes later, Grandfather Go arrives at Jeff's home . The couple just sat down to eat .

Grandfather Go told the Butler not to announce himself, he wanted to surprise the couple . Just as he was walking towards them to the dining room, Ann was running towards the guest bathroom on the first floor .

She was in a rush to reach the bathroom and didn't see grandpa Go who's about to greet her .

Jeff was running after his wife following her into the guest restroom . He also did not realizes that his grandfather came to see him .

As soon as Ann reaches the commode, she lifted the seat and started throwing up .

The sound of her throwing up did not miss the ear of grandfather Go . "OH! MY GOD! THE CHICKEN'S HATCHED!" He started dancing with joy . Haha!