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Chapter 141

Assistant Ron was helping Grandpa Go walk toward the dining room when he started celebrating with a dance . " Sir, please be careful, you might hurt yourself in the process . " Ron was trying to stop the old man from too much excitement . It's not good for his heart .

"Move away! " Grandpa Go pushed his hand away and started doing the cha-cha while humming the tune along with his moves . "Ron! It calls for a celebration; I'm going to be a great-great-grandfather! How that! Hahaha!"

Ron just shook his head and backed away a couple of steps to give the old man some space . 'If he doesn't come down soon, I'm afraid he might collapse from exhaustion, and that's not good . Not good at all . ' Worried look on his face is visible .

Couple minutes pass . Finally, the restroom door opens — a pale-looking Ann guided by her husband . "Be careful, do you want to go -up and lay down? or should we go to the hospital? " Jeff filled with concern for his wife .

Ann was about to respond when she realizes that there someone standing not far away from them .

It's Grandpa Go with a happy smile on his face waiting on them .

"Grandfather, what are you doing here?" Terror overtook Jeff's face .

He doesn't want Grandpa Go to know yet, but it seems that he already figured it out by the look on his face .

Grandpa Go slowly made his way towards the couple . "I was just in the neighborhood, and I thought to stop by so I can personally meet Ann . Now is as good as any . Let me introduce myself .

"Hello! Granddaughter-in-law, finally, I can call you that . Hahaha!" Granda Go trying to make Ann feel at ease around him . "From what I just heard, it seems your not feeling good . Stomach flu? A virus maybe?"

Grandpa Go turned his attention to Ron, and the Butler then asked: " Did someone called the family doctor yet?"

Ron and the Butler looked at each other . "Did you call?" Ron asks . "No! Did you?" The butler replied .

"Oh, Shit! We better get to it or will be in big trouble . " Ron took out his cell phone and made the call .

"Grandfather, why don't we go sit down and make yourself comfortable, you look like you just run a marathon . " Jeff humorously told him .

He then turned around to Ann . " Do you want to go up or sit down with Grandfather . " Anxiety was showing on his eyes .

Ann looked up to her husband and gave him a half smile . "I'm fine, let sit with your grandpa . "

"I apologize for being rude; you caught me off guard . " Ann gave her winning smile to the old man .

Grandpa Go was mesmerized with Ann; he cannot get over how much she resembles Grandma Tan . It's like he's looking at his first love once again . Tears began to develop in his eyes .

Just as they were getting comfortable, the family doctor arrives, they took him to the living room where the trio was conversing earnestly .

When he saw Ann's pale reflection, he knew why they called him . He couldn't help but chuckles to himself . 'These children are pretty fast, it's only been a month or so, and here it is already, they call me right when I'm about to eat my dinner . ' The doctor chuckles 'might as well get it over with'

"Good evening, everyone!" He greeted them .

"You're here! Excellent, you came at the right time . " Grandpa Go motions for the Doctor to come closer .

"Come and check on my Granddaughter-in-law, she might have caught a virus or something; she's was throwing up when I arrived . " He informs the Doctor mischievously then wink secretly .

"Oh! That's not good, come, come!" He motions to Ann .

"Let me take a look at you, is not good if you caught a virus, you wouldn't be able to keep any food in your stomach . " He's performing with Grandpa Go

Ann got up and went near the Doctor . "I was fine all day . It only started when we were cooking; I didn't like the smell of the cheese . " Ann giving her best to notify the Doctor .

"Open your mouth, Aaaah!"

"Aaaah!" Ann follows .

"Let me see, not swollen . A little redden, but nothing more . Can you do me a favor? " He asked seriously to Ann .

"Sure! What is it?

" Here's a cup, what I need to do is check a urine sample from you . To make sure that no virus in your body . Another option is I take a blood sample; The result is the same either way . "

"Ok! hand me the cup, I rather pee than get stuck by a needle," Ann said nervously .

While Ann went to the bathroom to do what the doctor asks of her, the Doctor got up and patted Jeff's back before saying . "Congratulation! It's the best birthday present you could ever give to this old man here" Pointing at Grandpa Go in return .

Jeff's face lit up, smiles so bright and his face turns red from embarrassment . "What are you talking about?" He played innocently .

Ann came back with the half-filled cap and handed it over to the doctor shyly . "Doctor, are you sure your testing this for a virus?"

"Alright! I will run this to the lab for testing and report back asap . " He left grinning with the evidence on hand without replying to Ann's question .

Ann turned her attention to Jeff and Grandpa Go . " Please, excuse me for a while, there's something I needed to take care . " Look's at Jeff for approval .

"Go Ahead!"Grandpa Go replied, instead of Jeff .

Ann took the opportunity and went up to their room to check on something . She needs to verify the last time she had her [monthly] . Once she verifies the date, she knows why the doctor had asked for a urine sample . "Hahaha!" 'I want a boy!' Ann thought to herself happily .

An hour later the doctor came back with the result . . .