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Chapter 142

While waiting for the test result, Jeff took the opportunity to speak with his grandfather about his plan on having a white wedding . He slowly breathes out some air before speaking .

"Grandpa, what do you think of us having another wedding? Especially now that we're going to have a child . Any opinion?" Jeff is looking at his grandfather waiting for his reply .

Grandfather straighten his posture before answering . "Are you asking for my permission or are you telling me your plan? Either way, I believe that's a pleasant idea . If you want me to arrange for both families to meet so we can discuss the wedding; I can do that too . " Grandpa Go seriously replied to Jeff without batting an eye .

"There's another issue that I need your help grandpa . About my mother, will you do the honor in contacting her, she might want to attend the wedding . " Jeff's worried that Grandpa Go will decline .

"Fine! I will contact your lousy mother who only cares about her family abroad . When was the last time you've met with her? Never mind, I don't care . " Grandpa Go changed the subject .

"Changing the subject, I think your first child should be a boy, then a girl soon after, no need to wait too long if you know what I mean . " Grandpa Go eyes are shining like a star .

Jeff was thinking of refuting what his grandfather just said, but in the end; he decided to make a light joke instead . "What do you think of my wife, a molding machine? I pour, and she will do the rest, on the other hand, that's not a bad idea . Hahaha!" Jeff laughs at loud on his joke .

The time was passing by to slow for the two, waiting for the doctor to bring the result . They don't have anything else to discuss .

Jeff made a small talk once again to ease the boredom . " Granpa, do you think she would come for my wedding if I send her an invite? How long has been . . . - she probably doesn't even remember my name . " He said bitterly .

" Who knows, I haven't spoken with her for many years . You also know how I feel about her . I still hadn't forgiven her for taking your younger brother Ethan when she eloped with that foreigner . " Grandpa Go eyes suddenly clouded with the thought of Jeff's younger brother Ethan .

Jeff couldn't find a word to comfort his grandfather . "Let's forget about it, for now; I'll have Ronald contact her later on alright!"

Meanwhile, in the upstairs bedroom, Ann's doing the moonwalk dance like 'MJ,' she's got excited when she realizes the possibility of her being pregnant . She was over the moon with excitement and started dancing .

Suddenly, she remembers that Grandpa Go and Jeff are downstairs waiting for the doctor to return with the test result .

Ann put a little make-up to make herself look beautiful and fresh before going down where her husband and grandfather are sitting impatiently .

" What's taking that damn doctor so long" Grandpa Go getting impatient, unable to hold it any longer .

"Take it easy, alright! He will be here, be patient . Think about your heart, do you not want to see your great-grandchild come into this world or not? Jeff was doing his best to calm his grandfather .

Finally, after what it seems to be an eternity, the family doctor arrives with the result of the test .

He came into the living room with a big smile on his face . On his hand is the result, he's waving it around as he walks in . "Congratulations! Hahaha!" He couldn't contain his excitement as well .

Even before he reaches the living room he yelled at them; " It's positive, your pregnant!"

The doctor announces to the two who's about to reach out and snatch the result out of his hand .

Ann who's standing by the foot of the stairs heard the excellent news . 'It's confirmed, I'm going to be a mother . ' Tears of joy welled up in her eyes .

Jeff saw his wife and excitedly runs up to her, picked her up in an embrace and twirled her around the room yelling . "We're going to have a baby!!! I'm going to be a daddy!!! Hahaha!" Kisses his wife so sweetly right in front of everyone including all the household help who were all eavesdropping .

"This calls for a celebration!" Grandpa Go said happily . "We need to inform the other side of the family; I can't wait to tell Grandma Tan about this . Hahaha!" He got up once again this time slowly went towards Ann and gave her a loving grandfather hug then whispered: " Thank you! for this beautiful birthday gift ever!"

All the household help were happy for the couple . One by one all approached Jeff and Ann and gave their warmest congratulation .

" Everyone! Listen up, to show our gratitude and appreciation for this happy occasion; An additional bonus will be given to everyone this year . Instead of receiving just a 13th-month pay bonus, we are giving everyone an added extra 3-months . " Jeff announced for everyone to hear .

They all cheered and thanked the couple after hearing Jeff's announcement . They were all excited and started talking among themselves .

"You heard it too right? Extra 3-months, wow! I wish they will get pregnant every year . Hahaha!" The downstairs maid is speaking with the Butler who's mouth still wide open from shock .

"Thank God! for this miracle, my family could use the additional bonus . We will surely have a Merry Christmas this year . " The gardener told the laundry girl filled with emotions .

"Me too! I was worried about the same thing, but now my problem is solved" She replied with tears in her eyes .

The butler was speechless, after hearing Jeff announcement . Suddenly a thought dawn to him .

"Everyone! Listen up; It's serious . Mark your calendar for the 'Obando Festival this coming May we will all attend and do the "fertility dance" we need more babies to come . Hahaha!" He jokingly told everyone .