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Chapter 143

Jeff's chef is a famous 3-star Michelin he's a recruit from Europe to Asia; He has a very strict demeanor; His kitchen supplies consist of only delicacies from all over the world .

With a serious tone he spoke to his assistant; "Go to the market and buy 'Balut' [Duck egg] for the boss . We need to ensure he has the stamina to last him for a lifetime . We need more babies to come . " He spoke humorously; he then raised his hands towards his assistant for a high five .

The atmosphere inside the Mansion was lively and filled with merry, everyone is excited and couldn't wait till the day they receive the promised bonus .

Once all the household help went back to their task . Grandfather Go, assistant Ron, and the family doctor also bid the couple goodbye .

Ann and Jeff continued the celebration in the comfort of their bedroom . [No snu-snu] Just comforting each other and sharing their love for one another and the new life within Ann .


On the way home to Grandfather Go Mansion, Ron couldn't hold it any longer and decided to air out his grievance to the old man . "Sir, I have something to asks if you don't mind . " Ron was asking Grandpa Go with concern on his face .

"Speak! what do you want to ask?" Grandpa Go is not worn out, it's late, and he's still roaming around .

"CEO Go had just announced to all the help in his household that they're receiving an extra 3-months bonus . How about us in your household?" He sighs after letting it all out .

"You old fool, what are you worrying . Jeff's only giving them 3-months additional bonus, while I'm planning on giving you all 6-months additional . How's that! For a bonus . Hahaha!"

Ron who was worrying for nothing is now dumbfounded from what he had heard . '6-months! Oh, my jolly! It's the best Christmass ever . Hahaha!' Now it's his turn to laugh silently, all worry gone from his face .

Grandfather Go couldn't wait for Ann and Jeff to announce to the other side of the family . He immediately made a call to Grandma Tan; " Congratulation to both us, it's good news . May I come for a visit?" He anxiously awaits for grandma Tan to agreed .

Grandma Tan looks at the time and realizes that it's almost midnight . "What in the world are you doing up this hour calling me? Aren't we too old to be doing this?" She jokingly told him .

"Wait till you hear my news, you wouldn't care what time it is . Hahaha! So can I come over?"

Grandma Tan contemplated for a while before she replied . "It's late already; I'm sure this good news of yours can wait until morning . I decline . "

Grandpa Go wasn't too happy with her reply, but what can he do . "It's your loss and my gain . You didn't want to see me; then you'll have to wait then . Bye!" He hangs up the phone without waiting for Grandma Tan to reply .


On the other side of town, Lea and Ronald finally realized that Ann and Jeff had left a long time ago . They were too busy in the kitchen preparing the meal and flirting with each other .

All meal was ready; Lea went to the bedroom to check on the couple when she realized that they had left . At first, she wasn't planning on informing Ronald but changed her mind in the long run .

"Well, is only you and me now . How are we supposed to eat all this food?" She informs Ronald while looking at him hungrily and not the food .

Ronald who doesn't have much experience when it comes to a woman only smiles sweetly and acknowledge that he heard what she said . "Let eat then before the food becomes cold .

Lea who's much more experience regarding dating, asks Ronald straight to the point . "Do you like me?" She looks at him with her face almost right in front of his .

"What if I do, what will you do about it?" Ronald replied nervously while also looking straight at her .

Lea wet her lips, then put her fingers into her mouth, suck the sauce from her fingers before going for the real thing . Ronald's lips .

Ronald was stunned only for a moment, the taste of Lea's lips so sweet from the whipped cream she had sucked from her finger . The heat was too much for him to handle, he pulled Lea toward him and returned her kiss for kiss, and everything else .

They were getting hot and heavy and about ready to do the dirty right on the top of the dining table when they smell something is burning . "Not, Again!" Both stopped and looked at each other first, then started bursting into laughter . "Hahaha!"[There goes their dinner ]