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Chapter 144

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Ronald and Lea were getting into the action; they were about to get down and do the dirty; When a smell of something burning made its way to their nostrils .

Ronald pause and started sniffling . " Do you smell something burning?" "Snip . . . snip . Yes, I do!" Lea replied still holding on his neck not ready to stop the action .

"The food!" Both had broken lose to each other and dashed to the oven . Their main course is toasted . Lea rolled her eyes and shook her head . "I'm not starting over, I'm tired, and I no longer have the appetite . Let's order pizza, chicken wing, and some beer . " She suggested to Ronald .

Ronald looks at Lea, thinking . 'How does she do that? One minute, hot like a fire burning, in another minute, turns into a freezer . Woman!'

"So! Are you going to order or not?" Lea now agitated, and it shows from the tone of her voice .

"You know what, It's getting late, and we still have work tomorrow . Why don't I finish up here and leave after I finish?" Sadness clouded his features .

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Lea was taken aback for a minute then gave Ronald dirty look . "If that's what you want to do, who am I to stop you, I'm going to take a shower, the smoke smell still lingering in my body . " She told him calmly then left emoting .

Ronald doesn't know what to say; Contemplating if he should continue cleaning up the burnt food or follow her and make amends . He thought about it, 'This courting ritual is tedious, it would have been easy if I only want one thing, but I care for her . What should I do?" He frowned while continuing to clean up the mess in the kitchen .

Once he finished cleaning up the whole kitchen, he surveyed his artwork; 'Perfect!' Once satisfied that he did not miss a thing, Ronald prepares to leave . He contemplated, 'should I just leave or at least say a proper goodbye?' His expression sullen gritted his teeth and went towards the bedroom .

Ronald knocked several times . *Knock Knock* "Lea! It's Ronald; I just wanted to let you know that I'm on my way out!" He yells through the closed door .

The eerie sounds of silence were too loud for Ronald . After knocking several more time and still not getting an answer, he slowly turned the knob . " creek . . . " He pops his head a little within the opening then calls out Lea's name whispering . "Lea . . . Lea . I'm leaving . . . are you asleep?"

Lea did not reply; she's taking a shower from the sound of the water running in the bathroom . Once Ronald realizes the situation, his heart started running the marathon . His imagination is running along with his heart .

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Ronald thought, ' I need to get out of here, or I might not be able to control myself from all of this temptation . I'm already hanging by a thread as it is . ' His whole face flushed from the dirty thought that he had just imagined .

He pulled out his head and closed the door before Lea realizes what he had done . Grabs his jacket, left the key of the condo on top of the vanity . On the way out he turns the doorknob at a locking position before closing the door at himself .


The next day, Jeff' household was bustling with festivities, everyone has a joyous look on their face as they work on their perspective tasks .

When Ann and Jeff were ready to leave for work, everyone lined up by the door and jointly congratulated them once again before bidding them a good day .

Ronald was waiting for them by the car with a tired look on his face . He didn't get a good night sleep after that scene in the condo the night before .

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"Good morning!" Ronald greeted the couple with a half smile .

Ann saw the sad look on his face and did not comment . "Good morning to you too!" The two said in unison .

Jeff whispers to Ann's, only for her to hear . "I guess it didn't work out, from the look on his face . Or It could be from exhaustion, hahaha! " He jokingly told Ann .

"Hush! That's not nice to say, can't you tell from the look on his face alone, thing's didn't go the way we wanted it too . " Ann whispers back .

"Don't give him any hard time today, alright!" She warns him, glaring at him at the same time .

Jeff acted hurt form what Ann said . "What do you think of me, thinking of you?" He jokingly banters, then kisses her soundly on her forehead .

Ann requested to be dropped off to the hospital, on the way there In the backseat of the car . The couple quietly observes Ronald, whispering when talking with each other .

"Try to coax him into telling you what happened after we left alright . I will do the same when I see Lea; we need to help them one way or the other . " Ann told Jeff with concern .

"Don't worry; I'll find a way . I'll call you with the detail asap . " Jeff assures his wife with a determined look on his face .

Ronald couldn't hold it any longer; he can see from the review mirror what the two in the back seat were doing . "There's nothing to worry about if you two must know . We are just taking our time alright!" He told them, but in actuality, he more or less telling himself .

Jeff acted high and mighty before replying with a stern look on his face . "What do you mean? What do you know of what we are discussing? Just do your job and focus on your driving!" He wanted to laugh after that word, but he holds it in .

Ann pinched Jeff at his side, then glares at him before saying something to Ronald . " Don't mind him; I'm rooting for you alright," encouraging him in return .

"Yes! Lady boss . " Looking into the rearview mirror sticks his tongue out towards Jeff playfully .