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Chapter 145
She then turns and gave Jeff a warning look . "Keep it up, and you will be in a much more worst situation, hmph!" Pursed her lips to let him know she's serious .

"Ouch! What did I do? I was only telling him to watch the road while driving; we can never be careful you know . " Jeff's rubs Ann tummy to remind her of the new life they created then pulled her into his embrace .

Jeff remembers his dinner plan for them . He needed to do it right this time; He wanted to give her a memorable marriage proposal and a wedding before their child comes into this world .


The night before, after Ann went to a deep slumber . He had searched the room for the ring he gave her the first time he proposed . Jeff was in luck; it's in her jewelry box . After securing the ring, he went back to lay beside his wife embraces her then went to sleep with a wide grin on his face .

He woke up earlier than Ann the next day . He went to discuss how the venue should be set up with the Butler and the Chef while Ann was still asleep . Once everything is in motion, he asks the chef to prepares breakfast for his wife so he can take it himself . 'Breakfast in bed, any woman would envy and love the husband more in return . ' Jeff confidently told himself humming .


They arrived at the hospital without delay . "Do you want me to accompany you or can you handle it on your own?" He checked the surrounding, once he's satisfied that she will be fine going up by herself, he gave her a soft kiss on her red lips before telling her to be careful . "I'll see at home tonight, don't plan anything okay!" He told her before departing .

Albert was doing face time with Sophia when Ann arrives into the room . She quietly waves her hand to inform him she's there .

"Come In! Come in!' Albert motions for her to come closer . "Hi!" She gave him a peck on his cheek then sat down at the chair by the bed .

"Look who's here!" Albert's point the camera of the cell phone towards Ann . "Hello! How's your show?" Waved at Sophia and making little inquiry in turn .

"It's booo . . . ring! me to death . " Sophia looks like she's in a dressing room preparing . "I can't wait to come back; I should be able to go home for Christmas though . " She happily announces .

"Really! That's wonderful news . I should be out of the hospital by then and recuperating at home . I can't wait . " Albert with beaming smile on his face told Sophia .

"Let me talk to Ann for a while; I still have about ten minutes before the curtain call . Pleeeese! " Sophia begging like a child .

"Oh! alright, if you must . " Albert handed the cellphone to Ann who's motioning and waving her hand to decline . However, it's too late, "Hi! What's up? " Short and sweet greeting is all Ann can say .

"Oh, it's nothing I wanted to ask if there's any particular present you want for Christmass . I will be going shopping tomorrow to buy everyone a Christmas present . I owe you many many of them . Hahaha!" Sophia's eyes are brightly shining, full of happiness .

"Thank you for the thought, that's all I need . I'll hand the phone back to CEO Tan alright . " Ann still calling them with their respective names . Alber Tan did not miss that and was not happy to hear what Ann call him .

Albert accepted the phone and bid Sophia goodbye so he can give his full attention he's daughter without interruption .

"Sweetie, when are you planning on addressing me correctly? I had been patiently waiting; I know it will take some time . But couldn't you start now so you can slowly get used to calling me, Dad?"

"I'm sorry! I try alright, but it will take time . Hope you understand . " Ann looks at her father with a glimmer of hope in her eyes .

" By the way, once your health recuperates a little more, there's something I need to discuss with you . Is not in a rush it can wait, I do need to attend with some matter right now, so I'm going to go ahead and let you get back with Sophia . " Ann got up and prepares to leave .

Albert was going to say something, then changes his mind . "Go ahead! I'll see you tonight after work then?" He's hoping to spend more time with her .

"I'm sorry! But I have an appointment tonight, dinner with someone very important," Is all the information Ann provided him .

'Ah! Understand, First, business the rest comes after, that's the life of a CEO hahaha!" He's laughing, but Ann can see the sadness in his eyes .

Ann bid his goodbye without delay, If she stays a little while longer, her grandmother might arrive, and she would be held up for sure .

"I'll see tomorrow alright! gave Albert a fatherly hug then walks out the door without looking back .

' When the time is right, I will call you Father, but for now, I still can't make myself call you that . Someday, someday, when the time is right . ' Ann was thinking to herself on the way to Tan Corporation .


Ann arrives in Tan Corporation with a glow on her face . She can't wait to share her new found happiness with her best friend/Assistant & Manager Lea .

Lea was standing by the edge of the glass window inside the CEO office, her eyes darting to a far distance . She was in deep thought that Lea didn't even realize that Ann had been watching her from her desk for a while not .

Ann shook her head and smiled secretly, ' Lea's is in love for sure . But it's not going well from the look of her spacing out . I need to talk to hear . ' She thought .

"Earth to Lea! Anybody home? Hello!!!" Ann tried to get Lea's attention .