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Chapter 146
Lea did not hear that Ann was calling her, she continued gazing out the window and occasionally would sigh . 'I guess, I had lost my touch . In the past, it was easy to entice any man with my smile alone . I even made the first move already, how come I'm having an issue with this one particular male species?' She's deep into thinking not knowing Ann is right in front of her staring with a confused look on her face .

"Helloooo! Earth to Lea! What is it that making you space out so early in the morning?" Ann asks her friend with concern .

Ann had to improvise, a little acting maybe . Here goes nothing . "This is not so you, what is going on?" She pulled Lea toward the sofa to sit down .

"In the past when I get a little cold, your like a mother hen that keeps on quaking until you get me to take some medicine . But now, you're not even concerned that I left without saying goodbye to you last night? You didn't even care what happened to me anymore . What kind of friend are you?" She gave her a sorrowful look .

' I had already played the high-and-mighty to get your attention, let see if my acting does not work on you, it's for best actress . ' Ann thought while looking straight at her friend .

"She let tears welled up in her eyes ready to fall onto her beautiful face so Lea would feel bad . However, deep in her mind, she's laughing .

'I'm sorry! My friend, there are so many things that had happened last night, and I'm just wondering what is wrong with me? Lea feeling remorse .

"Girlfriend take a look at me, be honest, what do you see? Am I not pretty, not sexy? I really can't understand that guy I already made my moves all he has to do is follow through, instead he left without saying goodbye . Lea was so engrossed on what happened the night before that she didn't see Ann chuckling secretly .

Lea realizes what she was saying and changes the subject . "Never mind me what about you how are you feeling, you run off without even saying goodbye too like that idiot . When I was about to call you for dinner, there was no one there what kind of friend are you?" Now it's Lea's turn to act pitiful .

"Come down, come down! That's what I wanted to talk to you . Last night after we left I was doing fine . While we were having dinner, I suddenly feel nauseated over something; I had to run to the bathroom while were in the middle of eating . And I started throwing up again .

"While I was in the bathroom, that's when Grandpa Go stop by in time to hear me throwing up . He was kind enough and called his family doctor to check on me . The Doctor took a urine sample for testing, and the result is . . .

"We're going to have a baby!" She finished her story with a straight face .

"Hahaha! Leah was excitedly happy for her friend, she grabs Ann's hands and starts dancing and prancing around . "We're going to have a baby! Hahaha!" Humming while jumping for joy .

"Stop! Stop, your making me dizzy, change the subject . What's for the agenda today? Did we get all the results from the external audit? " Ann asked Lea

"Yes! I was sorting it out before you came in and I compiled it in one file and sent it to you by email already . It seems like everyone is clean and follows proper procedures . We only found one rotten apple in a whole bunch . " Lea went to her desk and took out a file from her locked drawer .

"I also received pictures, and data from the investigator regarding combined asset between the VP and his mistress do you want to visit the wife now, or you want to wait until CEO Tan recuperates?" Lea continues with her findings .

"Up to you, but I think it's best if we go pay her a visit now and get this one out of the way," Ann replied to Lea .

"Anything else, if not let's go!" Ann ordered Lea excitedly .


Vice President Home:

"Thank you for bringing it to my attention . I know all about it for many years . Unfortunately, I was always thought to be submissive to my husband infidelity . " Mrs . V . P . informs Ann and Lea .

"Moreover, there's no divorce in this Country, all I could do is file legal separation at the most and my family will not let me do that . " Tear's starting build up in her eyes as she continues .

"You did me a big favor for airing out his dirty laundry, now that his incarcerated, I'm free from him . "

"Thank you! from the bottom of my heart, without your intervention; I don't know what would have happened to me . I was already contemplating in ending my life several times . It's only because of my children that's keeping me here in this world if you know what I mean . " Looking at Ann straight into her soul, Mrs . V . P . face is full of hope, eyes shining brightly .

Ann couldn't hold it any longer, she went towards Mrs . V . P . and gave her a thigh hug . "Don't mention it, what I did was for Tan Corp . It just happens that it worked for you as well . " Ann told her while patting Mrs . V . P . back showing how much she cares .

"Do what you must, if there's anything Tan Corporation can help you . Let me know anytime alright!" Ann and Lea, emotionally wrecked from what they had learned, bid Mrs . V . P . Goodbye and went back to Tan Corporation .

"That's so sad, for her to live a life like that . If Jeff ever does that, will you accept?" Lea asks Ann who's in deep thought about the infidelity in that Country .

" If Jeff's even thinks of doing that, I will give him 'Filipino haircut'"