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Chapter 147
Ann and Lea went back to the office after visiting Mrs . V . P . They both had a troubled-looking face when they arrived .

Mrs . Lim who's busy with other task did not miss the look on their faces . " How did it go?" She asks Lea as they were walking by her desk .

Lea forced a smile before replying . "It's alright; everything went as smooth as it should be . "

"Why do I get a feeling that there's more to it than what you're saying?" Mrs . Lim is coaxing Lea to tell her what happened .

"I just don't get it, Mrs . V . P . knew all along her husband had been cheating on her, and she accepted it as it was a standard norm in this Country . " Lea sighs after finishing her sentence .

Mrs . Lim doesn't know how to reply; she continued listening like a good mother and then went back to her job after Lea aired out her grievance .

Ann made herself busy as soon as she got back . She didn't want to dwell on what Mrs . VP told her . 'Jeff will never do that; he loves me too much . ' She thought to try to ease her mind from worrying .

The day went by quickly, and it's time to go home . Ann gave Lea a few pointers regarding Ronald's feeling towards her .

Once Lea learned that Ronald also has feelings for her . She couldn't wait to go back home; she plans on seducing him tonight, one way or the other . 'Let see if you can still find a way to run away after seeing me with just my birthday suit . ' "Hahaha!" She's so happy with her dirty thought .


Everyone in Jeff's Mansion is excited preparing for the big event . The Butler and the Chef are in harmony; they want everything to be perfect for their lovely couple .

Mr . Butler called everyone for a brief meeting . "Gathered up everyone! It's is a once in a lifetime event, and it needs to be perfect . Nothing can go wrong, you all know what to do . We only have less than an hour before they come home . Take your rightful places, get to it!"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone happily replied in unison . Once all detail explained, they all went to finish their perspective task .

The dinner is to take place out in the garden by the fountain . Lanterns are all lit up, surrounding the whole area — an orchestra playing a sweet melody not far away from where the proposal will take place . Lastly, the ring is to be set on top of the dessert as part of the decoration . When queue by Jeff, the Chef will bring out his special dessert with the ring on top, that's when Jeff will make his proposal .

The whole setting finally finishes the dinner prepared the garden setup all that's missing are the couple . The anticipation is high from the entire household waiting for Jeff and Ann to arrive .

"I can't wait to see young madam's reaction when she sees this . " one of the maids said . "I know right! To be a part of this joyous event is enough for me to last a lifetime . " Another maid replied excitement showing on her face .

The Butler who's standing not far away from the two shakes his head and smiles . 'Two innocent and naive girls, wait till you find your man and you find out that bed doesn't always smell like roses . ' He thought .

Jeff wanted everything to be perfect; he picked up his wife from Tan Corporation . When they were almost home, he stops the car . "Sweetheart, will you do me a favor? Can I put a blindfold on you, I have a surprise waiting at home . "

"What kind of surprise?" Ann asks with excitement .

"If I tell you, then it wouldn't be a surprise any longer . " Jeff is looking at his wife mischievously .

"I guess your right, if you must, then put it on . " She turns around so Jeff can put the blindfold on her .

Finally, the car fulls up in the driveway where everyone lined up eagerly waiting for the car door to open . When they saw Ann with a blindfold, everyone starts giggling especially the housemaids .

They feel giddy knowing what's about to unfold . The household help couldn't contain themselves seeing the young master so in love with his beautiful wife It's a picture perfect .

Jeff helps Ann out of the car guided her through the house towards the garden . The butler motion to the orchestra to start playing when they were getting closer . Ann hears music playing from a distance, sweet, mellow music; The soothing sounds can penetrate to one's soul . Her heart is bursting with happiness even though she cannot see a thing through the blindfold .

Once they reach the target area, Jeff unbinds the blindfold for Ann to see . When she opens her eyes and see the magnificent view, she's speechless . Her whole face lit up . " This is perfect; I can't believe all of this . ' Tears started to form in eyes . "Oh! Honey! This is so sweet . " She tipped her toe and kissed Jeff soundly for everyone to see .

The Butler whispered to the downstairs maid . "Go, go! Tell the Chef it's time to begin serving . "

The Orchestra started playing Ann's favorite song . Jeff got up from his chair . "Mrs . Go, may I have the pleasure of this dance?" Stretches his hand waiting for his wife to accept .

Ann accepted Jeff's hand, and they dance into the tune of "To love you more" Everyone's watching had tears of joy in their eyes . The scene is so beautiful for anyone to see .

The music is about to finish, Jeff motions to the Butler in secret to bring the dessert with the ring .

"What? they haven't eaten their dinner yet?" The Chef now in a panic .

"Boss wanted to propose first . " The Butler replied .

"Alright! Give me a second; I'll bring it out . "

The Chef was proudly carrying his masterpiece when he suddenly tripped, and the dessert went flying . . .