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Chapter 148
"Oh! No!" Everyone screams at the same time when they saw what's about to happen . The music suddenly stopped and Jeff and Ann who's dancing turn to looks at the commotion .

Jeff's eye widened when he saw what's about to happen . Luckily the distance wasn't too far from the couple; Jeff was able to catch the dessert before it fell into the ground . The whole scenario happened so quick that everyone's heart stopped for a second .

The Butler runs and helps the Chef get up . He couldn't stop apologizing to the couple . "I'm sorry! Young Master, I'm sorry! Young missus . " He felt so remorse thinking he ruined the magical moment .
He then kneeled on the ground and continued asking for forgiveness .

"Ann was momentarily stunned but able to recuperate in a heartbeat . She started laughing at them the side of her stomach started hurting . "Oh! It's so funny; the way you dived and saved that dessert . It's unbelievable . Ouch! my stomach is hurting . " She told Jeff still laughing hard .

Jeff forgot the proposal and the ring, he's concerned for the unborn child kicked in . "Where are you hurting? Here, here . . . Where?" He's so plastered that Ann continued laughing more . It even brought tears into her eyes . "No . . . no! I'm fine, I mean it's hurting from laughing too much, that's all . "

"Honey! That dessert that you saved is it that good? You even disregard Chef's safety and dove for the dessert, that's why I thought it's hilarious . " Awe transformed Ann's face .

Jeff was about to say something then remember the Chef who's still kneeling . He turns to face the Chef . "Get up! Why are you kneeling there, there's no harm done, the dessert is safe, and so are you . "

Fear crosses the Chef's face; he forced a smile before getting up . " I'm sorry! I'm such a klutz and almost ruined the whole thing . " Remorse was showing on his face .

"Aya! What are you apologizing for, you did not ruin anything . As you can see . . . " Ann turns to take the dessert from Jeff's hand when she saw the ring on top . She stops for a moment .

Everyone else stops breathing, waiting for Ann's reaction .

"This . . . " Ann was pointing at the ring . "What's going on?" She looks at Jeff . The color drained out of his face, concern showing in his eyes . "Do you not like the dessert?" He's doing his best to affear unaffected by her question .

"Honey! Stop it! You know what I'm asking . I'm not talking about the dessert; I'm talking about the . . . "

Ann didn't get to finish her word; Jeff took the ring from the top of the dessert . Right in front of everyone he kneels in one knee and looks up to her with the most loving eyes .

He raised the ring in front of Ann while looking at her straight into her soul . "Sweetheart! Ann, my beautiful wife, mother of my child, the love of my life . Will you do me the honor and marry me the second time?" Jeff asked her with all sincerity he can procure .

Everyone look's at Ann with anticipation; time seems to have stopped . No one move, holding their breath, waiting for Ann's reply .

Ann's face turned scarlet; tears started forming in her eyes, then her lower lips trembled, she's emotionally unprepared for Jeff's declaration .

"If you will have me, yes! I will marry you the second time, third time, every time . " She extended her left hand so Jeff can put the ring on her finger .

Once Ann said yes! Everyone cheered and congratulated the couples once more . And music started playing again .

"Everyone, listen up . I want all of you to join us with this celebration, bring out the food and drinks . " Jeff announced to the whole household .

"But, I didn't make enough food for everyone . " The Chef complained .

"Hush! Don't worry about the food, let's all celebrate this joyous occasion, all we need is an open bar . Hahaha!" The Butler announce to everyone .

Jeff's Mansion became lively, they all cheer and drink to their heart content .

Ann couldn't help but be overwhelmed . "Honey! Please, make sure that all of this is were recorded for our future children to watch alright!"

"Sweetheart! You don't have to remind me; I have it recorded not just for our children but also us . " Jeff's back hugging his wife and whispering into her ears .

Jeff continued saying . "Every year we will watch this to commemorate this memorable day until the day we die . "

"How about we let everyone enjoy this celebration by themselves, let's get out of here . With us being here, everyone will not have as much fun . " Ann told Jeff to be considerate to all the household help .

"Ummm! Depend on what would I be getting in return . " Jeff teased Ann .

Ann teased him back, she purposely runs her hand on his lower middle and then looks at him hungrily . She licks her lips first before saying anything . "Well! I didn't get to have my dessert yet, who knows . . . "

That's all Jeff's needed, he picks up his wife, carried her like a princess then left the party . Everyone cheering as they go . "Twin . . . Twin . . . "

"If they keep it up, they might end up with a twin . " The downstairs maid was telling everyone .

"Where's your brain? What's made you think that's how the twin babies were made . " The kitchen helper replied .

The innocent maid retorted . " I don't care how the babies made; I want them to have a twin . Hahaha!"

"If they have a twin baby, that would be double happiness; you think the boss would give us another bonus?" The laundry girl asks with hope showing on her face .

"If that's the case, why not asks for triplet! Hahaha!" The Butler interject, a little drunk already .

The fun lasted all night, while the help was enjoying themselves and wishing for a twin or triplets .

Meanwhile, upstairs in the master bedroom, Jeff and Ann working hard on making their wish come true .