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Chapter 149
While Jeff's household was celebrating the joyous occasion, on the other side of town in Ann's condominium; Lea prepared to seduce Ronald .

She had prepared the dinner that was ruined the night before . This time, she did it all by herself, she followed the instructions to the dot .

Ronald arrives on time; he brought a bouquet of flower and a box of chocolate with him . When Lea saw this, at first she was going to scold him for being old passion, but then she changed her mind .

"Is that for me?" She put her sweetest smile she can come up . "You didn't have too, but thank you anyway!"

"It's nothing, is all I can think of bringing . " Ronald's forehead started sweating from nervousness .

"Dinner is ready, why don't you wash up first" Lea trying to make him feel comfortable .

Ronald did what Lea told her, while in the bathroom . 'Stop it! Relax! She's not going to eat you alive . ' He keeps on telling himself . The more he's trying to calm himself; the more his heart starts raising past . *thump, thump, thump*

No matter how hard he tries, his heartbeat won't calm down . He didn't have any choice; he cannot stay in the bathroom forever . He slowly opens the door, peek to see where Lea .

When he didn't see Lea in the living room, he proceeded to the kitchen . There's no Lea either . 'Where could she be?'

Clank .
Clank .
Clank .

Sounds of high heels were coming toward his direction . What Ronald saw after that made his jaw drop .

Lea is wearing nothing but a thin red nighty, everything visible to the naked eye . Her beautiful body is glistening under the light clothing . A red high heels on her feet which made her so . . . sexy . Ronald started salivating from what he's seeing .

'I knew this would work . ' Lea is smiling happily for her accomplishment .

Lea slowly made her way to the kitchen, when she's almost facing Ronald, he suddenly spoke . "No offense, you're the most beautiful and sexy girl I had ever laid my eyes . But aren't you cold?" He asks

Lea almost fell to the floor . 'What the heck is wrong with this man? Here I am almost, but naked right in front of him and the only word that came out of his mouth is . Arent I cold?''

'That's It!' Lea was about to jump on him, when . . .

Ronald made his first move . He pulled her to his embraces, kissed her hard on her lips, then started showering her with kisses everywhere . Slowly but surely, they made it the bedroom without them realizing it they were both engrossed with their lovemaking .

Lea helped Ronald out of his clothing, not a minute pass all items of clothing are on the floor they are both butt naked .

Ronald has to make sure before they go all the way . "No regrets?" He asks Lea in between kisses .

"If I have a plan on regretting, do you think you will be in the horizontal position with me right now?" Lea replies to Ronald question .

That's all he needed to know, all the pent-up emotion he's been keeping now burst into flame . Ronald showed her all his talent in bed . [Which is not much . ]?不?不?不

Lea, on the other hand, is expert when it comes to lovemaking . She taught him all she knows, luckily Ronald a smart man, and learns pretty quick . They end up eating each other, rather than eating dinner together .


The next day, Mega World Intl . Headquarters:

Boss and assistant both have a bright smile on their faces when they walk in the building . All woman they pass by daydreaming and salivating .

Once they reach the comfort of Jeff's office, he started the list of things he wanted Ronald to handle asap . They needed to be careful not to ruin Ann's career in Entertainment, It's her dream, and he will make sure she achieve the highest .

"Make an appointment for a photographer . We need one for the tabloids . " Jeff looks into a file for a telephone number, handed it, Ronald, to contact .

"If you get a hold of her, pass me the phone, and I will speak with her," Jeff ordered .

Once Jeff's finished giving Ronald instructions, he proceeded to call his grandfather .

"Hello! Grandfather, it's Jeff . how are you?"

"I'm fine, you?" Grandfather Go chuckling in the other line teasing him .

"Did you contacted the other side of the family yet?"

"Why should I?" Grandpa Go jokingly replied .


"Alright! I got you; I'm on my way to the hospital now to speak with the Tan's . Once I finalized the date, I will let you know . " Grandpa Go replied in a severe tone of voice .

"Thank you! I want her to have a proper wedding, the sooner, the better . " Jeff told his grandfather .

"I understand, don't worry! Nothing and no one will stop this from happening . So stop worrying alright!"

"Alright! I trust you grandfather, remember she's carrying your great-grandchild right now . " Jeff is blackmailing his grandfather .

"I know! I know and don't worry I will not divulge it to the other side of the family . I will let you two do that . I'm not a party pooper you know . " Grandpa Go hangs up after that .

' Lucky you, Grandma Tan didn't want to see that night, if now I would have already told her everything, hehe!' Grandfather Go mischievously laugh to himself .

A minute later, Ronald came back with a sullen face . "She did not pick-up the call" He reported to Jeff .

"It's fine, she would know sooner or later, especially when the news comes out about my impending wedding," Jeff told Ronald confidently .


Grandpa Go arrives at the hospital with a big grin on his face . He can't wait to inform them of the happy union that will be happening soon between their family .

"What do you mean they will be getting married? Who said I'm letting my daughter marry into your family!" Albert Tan was not happy about the news .