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Chapter 15

Ann was unfortunate that she didn't receive a call from the coordinator of the competition, she's really looking forward to the call . "well, maybe their really not interested in me, with another competitor that day, they probably forgot about me as soon as I left . "

She was so deep in her thought that she did not even realize that Jeff had been staring at her the whole time, contemplating if he should tell her now or wait until they arrived at her apartment . It pained him to see the expression on her beautiful face, he can sense that there's something troubling her right now, she looks like a little Lamb that's on the way to the slaughterhouse and the way she keep sighing is too cute in Jeff's eyes, but at same time his heart is aching for her .

Jeff was trying hard to get her attention, but to no avail, she just ignored him and continued staring into thin air . . .

By the time they arrive at Ann's place, it was already late at night . They were so tired and hungry from the long trip . They did not have a chance to stop anywhere to eat dinner, the only thing they had all afternoon was some chips and soda .

"Would you like some noodles? I'm planning to have some," Ann asked Jeff . " hmm" is all Jeff's said while giving the nod, he was in deep thought of what they will do for the sleeping arrangement .

" I'll take a shower first while your cooking, is that ok?" Ann didn't answer, so Jeff took it as a yes .

While Jeff was in the shower, Ann made a call to Lea and asked if she can spend the night over . However, Lea's new boyfriend is there, so it's not possible for Ann to sleep over . In the meantime, Jeff just finished taking a shower and was at the bathroom door, he heard the conversation between Ann and Lea . He was devastated to hear that Ann was not willing to spend the night with him .

Since she was finished making the noodles, she started sorting out her mail that accumulated while she's away . Past due bills . . . previous unpaid bills . . and more past due bills . . she's getting upset more and more while she's going through her mail when suddenly one particular envelope came into her attention . She contemplated whether she should open it or not . . . It's a mail from one of the prestigious school in the Country, many famous people graduated from this school . If she did not get in, she would really be devastated, her dream of becoming a singer is already down the drain, and if she doesn't get accepted into this college, her life is really over .

Jeff couldn't stand it any longer and grab the mail on her hand and tear it open to read . " What the heck! hey, it's mine, give it back!" Jeff just kept on reading it and then . . . he smiled and said: " You got it!" " What!, what did you say?" Ann jumped up and down and hugged Jeff, "really! I'm in?" ha ha ha . Jeff handed the letter to Ann, then sat down and started eating his noodle without a care in the world .

Ann"? " Shouldn't he be happy for me Ann thought .

Jeff, we need to talk . "ok!" Jeff replied . I know you said you need time until you get your new passport, but the thing is . . . Jeff interrupted her, "Just say it, why don't you! You want us to get an annulment asap right? no problem!" Will do it first thing tomorrow but tonight let just get some rest ok! I'm exhausted Jeff said . Ann agreed since she was tired as well .